This final week before the Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in our sign occurs is likely to feel emotionally and spiritually intense, Scorpio. It’s also the first week of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. The main goal for many Scorpios this week is to remain low-key and avoid drama. But that may be easier said than done, because as we approach the lunar eclipse, so many events from our past, relationships from our past, and projects from our past will re-emerge and seek to gain our attention or energy. It’s up to us to be discerning regarding what we have the capacity to give, and what we must fully release. This is a purging week, Scorpio. But you should pace yourself, because if you try to get rid of everything too quickly, you’ll end up feeling psychologically and physically depleted. Rest, hydrate, and chill.

On Monday, the Moon is void in Leo for most of the day, which means that it’s best to be honest with yourself about what you’ve been procrastinating on in your life, and take the step by step approach to getting it done. Something as simple as writing down your 3 daily objectives for the day, and making sure that you’re starting with the most challenging one (or the one that you’ve created mental hurdles about in your brain but that isn’t actually challenging at all), can help you stay motivated as the week begins. But if you don’t feel motivated, that’s to be expected, as the day before Mercury Retrograde can have us feeling in limbo, or kind of “blah”.

Tuesday, May 10th, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, shifts into Aries for the first time in 12 years, and this helps awaken us to our own divine potential! Mercury Retrograde may be beginning that same day, but the Mars-ruled energy of Jupiter in Aries is more potent than any retrograde — it’ll remind us that we are in charge of what we do, what we say we’ll do, and who we do things with. And if we adopt that take-charge mentality into our lives this week, we’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much we stop silently or vocally complaining about our lives, and how much we instead start finding and implementing the solutions that gets us closer to our end goal. Jupiter in Aries energy helps us “just do it”, and it also puts us in key positions of leadership which will encourage people who admire us to also do it too. Our haters may emerge during this transit and they may try to trigger us by bringing up our perceived weak points. Don’t fall for the bait, Scorpio. Rise above from the BS and stay focused on the prize.

Romantically, Venus in Aries has made you more direct in your communications with others, but Mercury Retrograde in Gemini could also have you questioning what it is that you even want. You may have thought you wanted one thing last week, once the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse occurred in your partnership sector. But this week you may be second guessing yourself, and therefore you may be pushing others away in the process. Since we’re nearing the Scorpio lunar eclipse, not all relationships, crushes, exes, or potential connections will feel sustainable during this evolutionary portal. Some will end, and new ones will eventually begin. Relationships with skymates who have Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces, Aries and Aquarius placements are likely to be highlighted in Scorpio’s lives this week. The key is to be prepared for the unexpected, including receiving huge revelations regarding who you can trust, who trusts you, and who you want to be around moving forward. Some of these revelations may feel painful, and others will feel liberating. No matter what, be aware that eclipse season is revealing exactly what’s meant to be revealed, in divine timing. All you have to do is trust yourself as you notice the signs…

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