We did it, Scorpio — we made it through the final Scorpio eclipse in our sign. The next one won’t occur until the early 2030s. We will experience a lunar eclipse in Taurus during Scorpio Season, on October 28, but other than that, the Scorpio-Taurus eclipse axis is now behind us. The lingering effects of this bewildering full moon will continue to be felt for the next six months or so, but you’ll already feel like you’ve dropped the dead weight and shed your dead skin, and you’re morphing into something new. But before boldly leaping into a new chapter, take time to grieve your old self, your old life, your own mentality… Or else it’ll come back to haunt you one day. It may be painful to close the chapter on one part of your life, but it’s once you’ve courageously done so that your rebirth truly begins. Breathe through the discomfort, and acknowledge the pain you may be feeling. But also know that tremendous joy is around the corner. I know you can feel it.

This is the final week of Mercury’s retrograde through Taurus, activating our partnership and marriage sector. If your mind has been seemingly stuck in the past more than usual, it’s absolutely normal, Scorpio. Not only is Mercury retrograde, but Pluto, our ruling planet of transformation, is also retrograde (for five months). There’s a lot to learn from your past, as long as you don’t get paralyzed by it. Instead of running from it, get curious about the cyclical lessons coming up for you. The South Node, symbol of our karmic past, is also in Scorpio until mid-July, which means that we have to admit our own mistakes and shortcomings to ourselves first and foremost, instead of having amnesia about moments when we may have hurt others, whether intentionally or not.

Venus will be in Cancer this week, and for the next four weeks, and this harmonizes well with our Scorpio nature. Venus’ presence in Cancer helps us soften our approach to intimacy, but we’ll still have a healthy guard up due to Mars, our second planetary ruler, also being in Cancer at the same time. We may give more attention to our inner world, but since Cancer energy activates our sector of expansion, chances are we’re also dreaming of ways to switch up our daily routines in the weeks and months to come, perhaps through a trip abroad. This would be a good time to plan that trip, but wait until after Mercury is direct (next week) to actually book tickets or housing, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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