Welcome to the Scorpio Full Moon week. There’s no right or wrong way to navigate the intensity of this week, Scorpio. Leave the perfectionist tendencies behind as you consciously take deep breaths and accept that you’ll be feeling all the feels. Whoever or whatever tried to condition us to believe that feeling emotions intensely is something to be ashamed of, should probably go somewhere, sit in a corner, and think about what they’ve done. It’s 2020, we’re ascending, and we don’t have time to let people’s limiting beliefs infiltrate our consciousness. Emotions are the portal to our deepest powers, and our sensitivity is literally our superpower. This week, whatever surges through you, demanding to be felt, holds a gift that will help transform you and your lifestyle. Do not deny what you feel. Own up to it. 

With the Moon in Libra as the week begins, which helps add balance and harmony to the world as we prepare for the Full Moon in our sign to occur on the 7th. You may find yourself having chill convos with new and old friends alike, while also indulging in flirtatious connections with people who make you laugh and take life less seriously. You may be in the mood to redecorate or cleanse your environment with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra, so use Monday and Tuesday to make your home and work space feel wonderful. 

On Wednesday, the Moon shifts into Scorpio, and May 6th is probably the day where we’ll feel the energy of the Scorpio Full Moon most intensely (it won’t be exact until May 7, 2020). Gift yourself a self-care day if possible. Indulge in a wonderful bath or shower with a glass of wine. Take your time getting ready. Sleep as much as you need to. Journal, vent, cry, meditate. The Scorpio Full Moon leads to the culmination of a six-month journey of intention-setting and goal-reaching. Think back to who and where you were during your birthday season in October and November 2019. Chances are, something connected to that phase of your life will come full circle this week. 

For example, Scorpios who decided to leave relationships that they’ve outgrown may have wondered if they would ever make it to the other side without feeling a deep sense of loss or disappointment. This week, while there may still be pangs of nostalgia due to retrograde season, you’ll be tremendously proud of yourself for how far you’ve come. Even if you had relapses, and even if you went back to the relationship or are still in it, your sense of awareness has heightened, meaning that there are certain situations and attitudes that you accepted back then that you simply will no longer tolerate now. 

This is the final week of Mercury, the Planet of Communication, being in the fixed sign of Taurus and activating our partnership sector. So if there were ever a week for heart-to-hearts, letting your lover(s), friends, family, co-workers or even social media followers know what’s up, this would be it. Just make sure that when you express yourself you’re taking their feelings and perspectives into account too. The Scorpio Full Moon energy can lead to you living in your own world and not fully acknowledging some of the challenges other people may also be facing. Mars’ past five weeks in Aquarius has helped you learn how to detach emotionally from situations outside of your control or experiences that bring you too much stress, but make sure you’re not taking that detached attitude to extremes this week. We’re in this together. 

Romantically, as we get ready for Venus’ retrograde to begin next week, you’re probably already sensing that there are necessary adjustments that must be made in your relationships. Retrograde season has to do with karma and learning from past mistakes. What’s been your relationship with ghosting people, or cutting off communication when there’s a misunderstanding? This week, Venus in Gemini may have you making a vow to be a better communicator. You can’t expect everyone to know when they’ve done something that triggers you or crosses you. Not everyone you talk to or engage with romantically is out to hurt or deceive you, Scorpio. Sometimes they make mistakes, sometimes they too need to work on better communication, sometimes they need their space. 

This week, you’ll find yourself acknowledging when you’ve been too quick to burn bridges out of a desire of self-protection. You’ll also know which bridges were meant to be burnt, and you’ll close the doors on those chapters once and for all. You may need to spend some time solo in self-evaluation to know the difference between relationships that are worth saving, and the ones that must be peacefully released. Here’s a link to a free guide to KTZ’s Full Moon Ritual, which provides guidance on releasing the dead weight in order to manifest your dream life. 

Whatever manifestations take place this week, know that you have all it takes to face them head on and accept that life has greater things in store for you than you may even realize for yourself. Every single one of the emotions that surfaces in your life this week is valid, so resist the urge to be overly self-critical if your mind goes to some dark or seemingly dangerous places. You’re the sign of rebirth and regeneration, and you’re in the midst of such a huge transformation that at times you may mistake it for a destruction. Know that your regenerative gifts and spiritual powers are strengthening with each day, Scorpio. “With great power comes great responsibility”. This is the week where you’ll be asked to step up and accept the fact that you’re not a typical human with typical goals. You were born a Scorpio for a reason, and your mission will become more clear than ever this week, and this month. Happy Scorpio Full Moon! Stay protected as you transform. 

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  1. Larz Hitchcock

    Funny last week I saw it written “It’s time for hibernation”.
    Then after getting a weekly forecast for months on end, no forecast.
    Must be a full fledged Hibernation!! lol jk – hope everything is well and good
    Will look forward to another weekly forecast down the road.

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