Scorpio, this full moon week can change the game for you, financially-speaking. If you’ve been wanting to get a better hold on your money mindset, the upcoming Sag full moon on June 3rd will help you do so. The week begins with the Moon in Libra, activating our sector of spirituality, healing, and closure. Chances are, you’re beyond ready to close the chapter on an aspect of your life that’s been hanging in limbo these past six months. Perhaps you’re in the middle of divorce negotiations, or you’re tired of frenemy dynamics in a connection. The Libra Moon encourages you to adopt a flexible and adaptable mindset — yes, your feelings are valid, but there may also be elements that you don’t yet see. This weekend’s full moon will help you see the full picture, so avoid making rash judgments before the full moon strikes. Instead, pour your feelings out into your journal Monday through Wednesday, or vent to a trusted friend or therapist.

Remind yourself that one of our planetary rulers, Mars, is currently in Leo, so we’re more susceptible to burning bridges with people or situations when we take things to extremes. While our feelings of anger or frustration are valid, they shouldn’t consume us entirely. Once the Moon enters our sign on Wednesday, and remains there until Friday, we’d benefit from investing in mindful healing techniques such as breath work, meditation, yoga, or nature therapy. We’ll feel more sensitive under the Scorpio Moon, especially since Venus, the Planet of Love, is in our fellow Water sign of Cancer until June 5th. This combo of the Moon in Scorpio and Venus in Cancer will also amp up our intuitive gifts, allowing us to see through others and know when they’re lying to us or manipulating us. Once again, maintaining your composure in the face of adversity is the name of the game for you this full moon week, Scorpio. So much will change for the better in the upcoming weeks, but you have to accept that life’s not always going to hand you what you want on a silver platter.

This weekend, once the Moon enters Sag, you’ll be focusing on matters that are within your control, such as the legacy you want to leave on the world, and the relationship you want to cultivate with money, and your own self-esteem. Take a look at what your spending and saving habits have been these past six months, ever since the Sag New Moon took place in November 2022. Chances are, you were impulsive in certain areas of your life, but you also kept an optimistic mindset and did your best to invest in yourself in ways that you feel would pay off. Now that Jupiter and the North Node are both in Taurus, and we’ll experience an iconic conjunction between both of these cosmic power players on June 1st, you’re realizing that it’s not enough to just be optimistic about your relationship with money — you’d also benefit from finding practical, tangible ways to make sure you have a sustainable, and regenerative relationship with money.

Since the Sag full moon will take place in your money and self-esteem sector, spend this weekend reconditioning your brain so that you’re slowing down and creating systems — fun and exciting ones — for the wealth you have and the wealth you’re manifesting into your life. Look into successful financial advisors or mentors during this process, because our other planetary ruler Pluto is in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius until June 11th, encouraging us to adopt the “it takes a village” mindset to securing our empire. Think not only of how your wealth-building strategies will help you evolve, but think of the contributions it can make to the world at large. You will end the week feeling proud of yourself for doing the work and creating a game plan for securing your empire and boosting your self-confidence in the process.

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