Welcome to the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio week! With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign happening on May 5th in your area of self-discovery, new beginnings and identity, it’s very likely that you feel a part of your life or a part of who you are is coming to a close. Don’t try to force or understand what is happening. Clarity will come in due time. Make sure you’re not moving according to what society expects of you. What do you want to do for yourself, for your life?

As the week begins, the Moon’s in Libra, encouraging is to get acquainted with our insecurities and deepest fears, especially when it comes to our healing journey. Since Pluto retrograde will have begun on May 1st (and it’ll last for five months), the combination of Mercury and Pluto Retrograde could have us fearing that we’re repeating the same cycles and patterns, and aren’t making any progress. This is an illusion, Scorpio. Think back to where you were just six months ago. You’ve grown tremendously and will continue to do so. But growth isn’t always linear, it happens in cycles, so if you’re being drawn to some aspect of your past, use this week to learn from it, rather than run from it.

This is also the last full week of Venus’ presence in Gemini, activating Scorpio’s sector of depth, merging, and outside resources. You may be reflecting on ways you can be a more consistent friend or partner — you’ve felt a bit all over the place during this airy transit, and your finances have too. Instead of placing too much pressure on yourself this eclipse week, start giving more time to activities that make you laugh and feel like a kid again. Yes, adulting is necessary to a certain extent, but even Saturn, the Teacher Planet, is currently in your sector of fun, asking you to please lighten up. Tap into this Gemini-Pisces energy this week and do something that your inner child’s been craving. I’m personally going horseback riding this week — it’s been too long and I miss it! What is your heart calling for, Scorpio?

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