Scorpio, as the month of March comes to a close, and Mars, our planetary ruler, is in Cancer for the next six weeks, we may be in the spirit of choosing ease, simplicity, peace, and mindfulness. With Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, also in a Water sign right now (Pisces), it’s best to adopt the spirit of “less is more.” Where have you been doing the absolute most in your life, and why? This week encourages you to slow the f*ck down and reassess your priorities and objectives. This is the second full week of the astro new year, so there’s no need to rush or try to create an entire game plan right now, even though the energy of the Sun and Jupiter in Aries may have you thinking that you’re “behind”. Time is an illusion, so don’t let it control you. Measure time by the amount of conscious breaths you take.

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Tuesday through Thursday, the Moon’s presence in Cancer activates Scorpio’s sector of philosophy, expansion, long journeys, and philosophy. You’ll be dreaming of new possibilities for yourself, especially now that Mars, our ruling planet, is also in Cancer. If you’ve been trudging along, doing the same old same old routine at work or at home, this week you’ll feel awakened by the Moon and Mars as they calmly remind you that there are alternative options for you. You can dream up a new reality for yourself, you just have to be brave enough to allow yourself to dream, and not minimize those dreams. Tap into what your inner child really wants to be doing, no matter how irrational or illogical it may seem. Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, is in Pisces now, which means that nothing is out of reach — our imagination is limitless. You’ll still have to find practical ways to make those dreams come true, but that’s not what you’re being asked to do right now. The first part is to dream. When you allow yourself to dream, more solutions begin to emerge.

This weekend, the Leo Moon is ideal for taking bold action, especially since we’re three weeks again from the start of eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde. Whatever you’ve been thinking of making a move on since the start of the year, go ahead and make that move. Your career and reputation sector is most activated by the Leo Moon, so perhaps you’ll be putting yourself out there creatively and professionally, either through performing a work of art, or getting started on a new entrepreneurial venture. Stay in your lane and stay focused on the prize, Scorpio. You’re much closer to achieving a major milestone than you may be aware of — once the month of April begins this Saturday, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when it comes to taking greater leaps of faith, and that courage and dedication will pay off tenfold.

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