Scorpio, this Tuesday, June 21st, the summer solstice takes place in the Northern Hemisphere, indicating the start of Cancer Season. In the days leading up to the solstice, you’re likely to be feeling profoundly introspective, especially due to the Pisces Moon’s energy permeating through the cosmos as the week begins. You may tear up easily, and you’ll feel even more sensitive to everything occurring around you. Own this sensitivity instead of shying away from it or trying to suppress it. Cancer Season will heighten your intuitive awareness even further, making it a deeply fertile time for speaking your truth, creating magical pieces of art, and living life as a work of art in itself. Gemini Season helped you learn how to emotionally detach from your feelings, but the start of Cancer Season will swing you to the other extreme — now you’re diving into the deep end, ready to see what exists beneath the surface.

Not everyone will enter this second half of 2022 with you, Scorpio. Not everyone is ready to submerge themselves into your intense waters, no matter how appealing they may seem. And part of your mission this solstice week, is to mourn the connections that you intuitively know aren’t coming along with you for the next level of your adventure. That doesn’t mean they won’t circle back around eventually (since both Saturn and Pluto are retrograde, it’s very much possible that reconnections will occur around Scorpio Season 2022), but it does mean that at this point in your life, you have to direct your energy elsewhere. For your own spiritual well-being. Tuesday through Thursday, the Aries Moon will help you cut cords on whatever has left you feeling perpetually confused, uncomfortable, or insecure. You can breathe easy knowing that a more light-hearted chapter of your life is being created, because you’re consciously dropping the dead weight, the psychological burdens, and the mental, “what ifs”. From now on, be intentional about surrounding yourself solely with people who you feel spiritually and emotionally safe with, the majority of the time.

Mid-week, Venus shifts out of Taurus, and enters Gemini. This activates Scorpio’s sector of depth, intimacy, collaborations, and mergers. Money and sex become interlinked during these next few weeks of Venus in Gemini. Some Scorpios could end up connected with someone they work with creatively or professionally. Clandestine love affairs are also a possibility during this transit, but that doesn’t mean all Scorpios will give into them. Since Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius, activating Scorpio’s sector of values, it could be that Venus in Gemini helps Scorpios cut patterns that cause them more harm than good, even if initially there’s a feeling of immediate gratification or dopamine hits. Venus in Gemini asks us to see if we’re the type of lover(s) we’d like to receive from others. Can we show up for our current or prospective partner(s) the way we want them to show up for us? Reciprocity, communication, and the cultivation of trust will be key themes for you this week as you get used to this more airy, freedom-loving Venus transit. Scorpios may go from having been fiercely possessive of someone during Venus in Taurus to suddenly wanting to be able to roam freely without answering to anyone during the Venus in Gemini transit. Give yourself grace as you let yourself change your mind…

If you’ve been feeling sleepy lately, it may be the Neptune Retrograde pre-shadow at play. Neptune shifts retrograde next week, on the 28th, the same day as the Cancer New Moon. This pre-new moon week is therefore about integrating the lessons from the Sag full moon, and simply being present with where you are, without anticipating too much for the future. Let yourself sleep more, especially as the weekend begins and the Moon enters Taurus, the sign of sensual pleasure. The less pressure you put on yourself to be productive this week, the more you’ll naturally make room for what you want to be doing, and your inner child will be proud of you for prioritizing your bliss. Gemini Season taught you well, Scorpio. To learn more about Gemini energy (and understand your connection with Geminis in your life), read this sneak peek of my upcoming book Signs & Skymates! It’s now available for pre-order. Thank you to everyone who’s been pre-ordering my debut book. So hype for y’all to read it!

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