Scorpio, this week’s energy will feel quite mellow, chill, and filled with possibilities. Mars’ shift into Taurus and Mercury’s entrance into Cancer facilitates this energy, and this helps prepare us for next week’s stabilizing Capricorn full moon. Do your best to flow through this week without the need to be overly busy. That doesn’t mean you should be super complacent and ignore all responsibilities, but you’d benefit from using the Virgo Moon to streamline your priorities and release extra burdens.

Midweek, the Moon shifts into Libra, helping Scorpios tap into their spirituality with a more light-hearted and open-minded perspective. Instead of thinking you have everyone around you figured out, practice letting go of assumptions, and being curious about our ever-evolving nature. Even if you feel like you have someone figured out, take a breather and ask yourself: do you even have your own self fully figured out? Having more grace for both yourself and others will allow you to release unnecessary burdens and frustrations. You aren’t perfect, Scorpio, and perhaps the reason why you tend to hold other people to such high standards is because you keep pressuring yourself to be perfect. Gift yourself a fresh start with the help of the Libra Moon and Saturn’s Retrograde in Aquarius. Take time this week to reflect on all the ways you’ve surpassed your own expectations, often when you least expected it. Chances are, people you love are about to do the same for you, particularly as we approach next week’s Capricorn Full Moon.

But before we get to next week’s full moon, know that there’s still time to set new moon intentions, Scorpio. Here’s a detailed guide to how to do so. The Cancer New Moon that took place at the end of June is one of the most fertile and potent periods of the year for birthing a new version of yourself, but it can also feel tremendously vulnerable, sensitive, and raw. Chances are, this week will lead to you crying tears of joy as you look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself, truly see, love, and accept yourself, for the first time in a while. This may occur this weekend, as the Moon will be in our sign and the Sun will be in Cancer. Your powers of telepathy, intuition, and connectivity will be enhanced, allowing yourself to love yourself profoundly and passionately. Do something artistic, meditative, and ideally something close to a body of water (even if you take a bubble bath, that counts too) this weekend. Envision all pent-up stress, frustration, anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, and manipulation being washed down the drain. Envision yourself being purified by cleansing waterfalls that activate the most transformative molecules in your DNA and help you fully ascend. This is one of the most magically mystical weekends of the year, Scorpio!

Romantically, you may want to take advantage of all the sensual and lush energy in the cosmos, and shoot your shot. If you’re single and ready to mingle, do so this weekend. Wear your sexiest outfit, or the one you feel most comfortable and confident in, and either take yourself out on a date or say yes to an impromptu one. With Mars in your partnership sector, the Universe is aligning you with people who have similar intentions as you, even if they come in drastically different forms than what you expected. Challenge yourself to widen your scope of potential partner(s) that you interact with. Widen the age range, the racial demographic, the height expectations, and the cultural backgrounds. Cancer Season is the season of immersive expansion for Scorpios, so dare to love beyond the confines you consciously or subconsciously imposed on yourself (or the ones that were societally imposed on you). Liberate your heart, and love and live freely!

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