Scorpio, we’ve made it through the Capricorn Supermoon, and it’s helped us feel more grounded, confident, and self-aware. This week, we’ll continue to feel the after-effects of the full moon, which made an opposition to Mercury in Cancer. So even though we may feel more driven and determined to accomplish our goals, another part of us wants to simply chill, dream, meditate, make love, and not worry about being productive. Make it your mission to find a balance between both of these desires. Neptune and Saturn are both retrograde in Pisces, encouraging us to slow down and evaluate what our heart really wants, rather than simply taking the logical route. It’s okay to revamp your life and your priorities simply because your intuition told you to do so.

Tuesday through Thursday, the Aquarius Moon highlights your domestic sector and makes you reflect on what home and family means to you. You’re likely to be in a period of recreating or re-imagining those aspects of your life, so pace yourself as you determine what foundations are necessary for you to put in place for you to feel secure with people you view as family, and places you view as home. For many Scorpios, this may look like more firm boundaries, such as if you’re in a coparenting situation and you notice that agreements aren’t being respected. This is the time to speak up and make it clear that you won’t tolerate such breaches of trust. If you’re considering moving in with someone, or rather moving out, make sure to do your research on what your ideal living experience will be like moving forward, so that you feel happy with your decision and don’t regret it later.

Once the Moon enters Pisces this weekend, your sector of true love, fate, and creativity will be lit up, making you feel sexy, creative, imaginative, and free. We’re in the pre-shadow phase of Venus Retrograde (which begins July 22), so don’t be surprised if you get hit with blasts from the past as your ex lovers or potential partners resurface in your life and share their feels with you. This week, do not only seek external validation, but validate yourself first, and get clear about what your worth and standards are. That will help you communicate your truth to others, while making room to hear what they have to say too.

Venus’ retrograde through Leo will place more of an emphasis on our career starting in the final 10 days of the month, so if you’ve been feeling lovey-dovey this Cancer Season and want to cuddle and be cuddled, it’s best to own up to this and manifest it in your life by directly asking the Universe for a cuddle bae that’s worthy of you. If you already have one, then cuddle away, and don’t shy away from vulnerability, because you and your partner(s) are likely to find it quite sexy. This week is a heart-chakra opening week, Scorpio, so if you notice yourself lost in your daydreams and fantasies, it’s because you’re meant to be there. Learn more by reading your horoscope for July 2023.

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