Scorpio, be kind to yourself this week. Truly, treat yourself like you’d treat your ultimate best friend, or favorite person on Earth. Recognize that the more you move with such an intention, the sweeter life becomes for you. There’s already plenty of programming and systems that aim to make us feel bad about ourselves, so why would you add your own mindset to the mix? With Chiron retrograde having recently begun, and Jupiter Retrograde beginning on the 28th of this week (the same day as the Leo New Moon), you’re being encouraged to take time to assess everything you’ve manifested in your life since 2022 began. Even if you’re not as far along as you thought you’d be, this final week of July will remind you that the Universe operates on divine timing. Perhaps if you had been further along, you wouldn’t be exactly where you are now, and there’s something about where you are now that will connect you to someone or something from your past this week, and that connection will feel auspicious and filled with synchrontcoities.

Monday through Wednesday, the Moon’s presence in Cancer increases your sensitivity to everything, so if you find yourself on the brink of tears one moment, and then filled with laughter and jokes the next (due to the fiery energy of Leo Season), that’s completely normal. Plus, Jupiter Retrograde’s pre-shadow period has significantly amplified your emotional reactions because it’s making you hypersensitive to what’s going on within your body, and within your consciousness. You’re able to hear your intuition more clearly this week, which means if there are major re-routes you want to make in your life, particularly your romantic and creative life, you may be able to reflect on them the 25th – 27th, during the peak the dark-of-the-moon period. There may also be some connections that reach a standstill around this time, because we’re about to enter a powerful ascension portal as we near the 8/8 ascension gate occurring next month. Not everyone who’s currently in your life right now is meant to be by your side on the other side of that portal, and that’s okay. This is a time to clear space physically and energetically.

Mid-week, the Leo New Moon at 1:55pm EST is the spark of fire and momentum you needed to think of your career and your passions from a new perspective. However, Jupiter’s retrograde begins on the 28th too, just a few hours after the New Moon strikes, at 4:37pm EST. So even if you’re motivated to take great leaps forward, the best thing you can do is focus on completing key passion projects from the start of 2022, or even those you began in 2021 that have to be wrapped up. You’ll receive greater luck, momentum, and blessings when you tie in elements from your past to this new moon, rather than if you try to start something completely new during retrograde season. Take time to set new moon intentions that are tied to your destiny — that means tuning into your younger self’s dreams and seeing which ones you can still actualize, especially if you had put them on the back burner. This week’s energy is about putting yourself first, and feeling happy doing so. No more overly sacrificing your needs for other people’s comfort. What do you need to feel most at ease in this dream life you’re creating? Make time to really reflect on this, and start readjusting your priorities so that your needs are being met, not only by you, but by a community, a village of people you can count on and that you can trust. Even if you’re still building that community, this new moon’s energy can help you build it within the next 6 months.

This weekend, the Moon in Virgo is ideal for grounding yourself in nature, quieting your mind, and filling your body with nutritious food, water, and juice. The post-new moon portal is intense, so dehydration may occur if you’re overly active or restless. The more you are able to slow down and remain present, even if you feel like there’s so much to do before August begins, the more you’ll really be able to take in the new moon blessings and downloads, and acknowledge which aspects of your previous self must be fully burnt away, and which part of yourself must be reborn through your rise from the ashes. On Monday the 31st, Uranus will conjoin with the North Node in Taurus, and a major awakening may happen in our love life or social dynamics. This weekend’s vibes may already give us a preview of what that surprise plot twist is, so try to react in a calm way even if you are initially thrown off guard by what’s revealed. Trust that the Universe is making all of these changes for your highest good, even if it at first it feels confusing, destabilizing, or unpredictable. Welcome to the other side, Scorpio. You’ll love it here!