Scorpio, you’re going to notice a significant shift in the astrological weather this week, as Venus, the Planet of Love, has shifted out of Gemini on the 17th and entered Cancer for several weeks. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts out of Cancer and enters Leo on the 17th. And on the 22nd, Cancer Season ends and Leo Season begins! The elements of Water and Fire are going to start to dominate the cosmos, while generational planets Uranus and Pluto are in the Earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, urging us to make sure we’re still seeking stability in our lives, even if our emotions and actions are both grappling for our attention. By taking time to tap into how you’re physically feeling, you’ll be able to flow through these astrological shifts with greater awareness and ease.

The week begins with the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Cancer. These final days of Cancer Season are likely to have us feeling nostalgic, sentimental, and filled with imaginings of what’s next for us. Our sector of expansion and long journeys has been activated by Cancer Season, and even if we haven’t physically been traveling, mentally and psychologically, our minds have wandered off to new realms altogether, which is why life may feel extra trippy right now. So many signs, synchronicities, and divine messages are coming through with this cosmic, watery energy in the cosmos. But it’s not meant for you to decipher them all at once. Instead, become curious about life’s messaging, without feeling the need to overanalyze everything that takes place this week. Moving your body through exercise or time spent outdoors is a great use of the Aries Moon, especially during moments when you’re tempted to overwork yourself by creating a lengthy to-do list to complete. Ask yourself, “is it really that serious, though?” It most likely isn’t.

Another major transit occurring this week? On Tuesday the 19th, at 11:21am, Chiron, the asteroid that has to do with our inner wounds, begins its five-month retrograde, in the sign of Aries. Think about what Aries energy tends to bring up in your life. How do people with prominent Aries placements (including you, if you have Aries placements in your birth chart) tend to make you feel? For more insights on the other zodiac signs and their influences on us, and in our charts, pre-order my debut book, Signs & Skymates. It’s all about astrological compatibility, starting with the relationship we have with oneself. It comes out Dec 6, 2022, and also includes a mini-deck and astro journal to accompany you on your self-love and intentional intimacy journey. Thank you to everyone who’s already pre-ordered!

Mid-week, the Moon’s presence in Taurus increases your magnetic energy, making it a great time to pour your heart out to your past, current, or potential partners. The Sun rounds out its stay in Cancer on the 20th and 21st, which coincide with the Taurus Moon. Having the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Taurus (as well as Mars, Uranus, and the North Node all in Taurus, in our marriage sector) will help Scorpios intuitively know who to open up to, and when. You may be surprised to hear someone you care for pour their heart out to you, especially if you had lost hope in the relationship or you didn’t realize how much you meant to them. The key is to take in what they have to say, but allow time and their actions (as well as your own) to reveal if they really mean what they say. You’re being asked to be healthily cautious of those who are trying to enter or re-enter your life right now, Scorpio, because we’re in the pre-shadow period of Jupiter Retrograde (it begins at the end of the month), which means that both butterflies and energy-vampires may be drawn to you as you keep radiating and glowing up.

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Ready for summer romance? This weekend, the Sun shifts into Leo, and the Moon will be in Gemini on Saturday and Sunday, activating Scorpio’s sector of depth and intimacy. You may vacillate between feeling quite light-hearted and flirtatious due to that Fire-Air dynamic in the cosmos, and also feeling a strong, irresistible desire to be nurtured, comforted, and cared for, due to Venus’ presence in Cancer. Let yourself indulge in both sensations, even if it at times confuses you or your current/potential partner(s). It be like that sometimes 🙂 There are two months left of summer, and with our planetary ruler Mars currently in Taurus until August 20, our chances at connecting with people who really see, love, and respect us intensify. But that also means we have to weed out anyone who doesn’t make us feel that way, even if their presence in our lives feels familiar. Take time this weekend to debrief with yourself about who’s in, and who’s out.