This week, Scorpio, you’ll feel supremely powerful, calm, and filled with intention. The energy of the upcoming Capricorn Full Moon is strongly felt as the week begins, but the Moon starts off in Sag, which helps us not take ourselves or our life journeys too seriously. Now that Mars, our planetary ruler, is in Taurus for the next 5 weeks, a part of us wants to feel connected to people beyond our own selves. We may be used to being our own best friends, but we don’t always have to be. As the week begins, become aware of ways you can let your guard down a bit more, while still having protective boundaries. There are people who would love to add more joy and adventure into your life on a regular basis — you just have to let them in.

On the 13th, the Full Moon in Capricorn strikes at 2:37pm EST, and this concludes a six-month journey in the realm of communication, creativity, and connection. Think back to the intentions you set on or around January 2, 2022, when the New Moon in Capricorn occurred. Whatever was on your mind at the start of the year is likely to reach a full-circle moment this week. You’ll either realize you’ve accomplished a goal you set back then, or you may have decided that you want to completely scrap that goal altogether, and start a new path. A major breakthrough in consciousness and your personal awakening is likely to occur between the 11th and 17th, and this will help you get your life together in a way that feels sustainable, peaceful, and filled with a more liberating framework for you to navigate the rest of the year. And the best part of this is, you don’t have to work really hard to get to this consciousness shift. You need to simplify your life this week, and remove the unnecessary distractions. As you let yourself sit with silence, the answers will come.

Romantically, the main astrological transit that will influence Scorpios’ love lives is Venus’ shift into Cancer, which occurs this Sunday. In the days before that shift, Venus’ final degrees in Gemini will have you reflecting on the previous, current, and future partners you’ve had or will have in your life. You’ll feel more open to forgiving people who hurt you in the past, because you’re also forgiving yourself for times when you were problematic or even toxic in the past. Venus in Gemini had you feeling less of the need to control your connections or the people you love. Instead, it made you more curious and light-hearted as a lover and friend, and people found that to be supremely attractive.

Starting this Sunday, Venus’ shift in Cancer will help you be more selective, patient, and vulnerable with your past, current, and potential lovers. You won’t be in the mood to mingle aimlessly, but you’ll also want to take your time getting to know your lover(s), and also your friends. The combination of Venus in Cancer and Mars in Taurus will help you slow your roll when making romantic and creative decisions, and this will help you ensure that your life is aligned with your values. If you’re coupled up already, Venus’ shift in Cancer is ideal for talking about where you see yourself going long-term, and how you see yourselves evolving. Convos may get supremely emotional, and while at first you may shy away from showcasing what you truly feel, as we ease into this transit you’ll surrender to your profound feelings, and they’ll reveal theirs to you too.

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