This is a huge week for us astrologically, Scorpios. Our planetary ruler Mars ends its retrograde on the 12th, and we’re also starting to come down from the high of the cleansing Cancer Full Moon. This doesn’t mean we’ll feel very active and energetic as the week begins — quite the opposite. During the final days of Mars Retrograde, we’re likely to feel more sleepy, moody, introverted, and private. That’s because we’re integrating the final downloads from this retrograde, which began in the sign of Gemini on October 30, 2022, during Scorpio and eclipse season. It’s best to keep your schedule light in the first half of the week, and then in the second half start to pick up the pace breath by breath, knowing that there’s truly no rush. Operate on divine timing and let the Universe take more of the lead this week.

Tuesday – Thursday, the Virgo Moon is ideal for feeling more organized when it comes to your digital affairs. With Mercury still retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, activating Scorpio’s sector of communication, you’d benefit from responding to emails that have been left untended, or finishing up items on your to-do list step by step. Being practical and routine-focused will pay off for you starting Friday once Mars spends its first full day direct. Even if certain tasks seem boring, if you know that they will help you reach your long-term goals this month, it’s best to set aside some time to get these tasks done, or alternatively, to delegate them to a team member or someone you hire online (ideally someone you’ve worked with before due to the retrograde energy), in order to make progress. This may also be a time to weed out the friends who are too distracting for this current journey of your life. You can check in with them later — being more narrow-minded on your ascension journey will pay off formidably for you, Scorpio.

Venus spends its first full week in Aquarius, activating our sector of roots, the home, and the past. If you’ve been feeling both nostalgic and also a bit indifferent, you can chalk it up to Venus in Aquarius. Some days you may be super sensitive, other days you may feel like you don’t have one care in the world. It’s a good time to get curious about what’s going on within you, without feeling the need to fix yourself or evolve in any way, shape, or form. Learn to be more accepting of your contradictions and double standards, and this will also help you be more accepting of other people’s trouble spots. This transit is ideal for Scorpios who are seeking to break free from codependent patterns in love and partnership. You’ll be more in the mood to chill solo or with a trusted group of friends or family members, rather than needing to constantly be with someone romantically, and this will feel quite liberating for you.

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Have a wonderful week, Scorpios!