Scorpio, we just experienced an epic New Moon in Aquarius, and we’ll be feeling the influence of this lunation all week long. This new moon activates your sector of roots and the past, encouraging you to evaluate what your ideal home environment and family dynamics are. This is the final new moon in Aquarius where Saturn is also in Aquarius (it’s getting ready to enter Pisces on March 7, and it’ll remain there until 2025), which means you’re feeling more intellectual these days but also much more detached… You don’t want to be pinned down to one set place, job, or role, and you don’t want to be held accountable for other people’s expectations of you, even if they’re your family or friends. You mainly want to focus on yourself right now… But at the same time, you don’t want to be so disconnected from the world or your community that you isolate yourself. Set new moon intentions this week that help you find some sort of equilibrium between your needs and the needs of others. And remember to breathe through the discomfort, because Aquarius Season’s energy tends to square off (create friction) with Scorpio placements’ energy.

The Moon’s in Pisces Tuesday – Thursday, and this energy feels more familiar and smooth-sailing for us as Scorpios. Use this period of time to refine the new moon intentions you may have set earlier in the week, but this time use your intuition and emotion as your guiding point. If you’re reading one of the intentions and it doesn’t speak to you that much, and it simply seems like something you “should” be doing rather than something you fully want to do, then cross it out and write something that’s more aligned with your inner knowing. This week’s energy encourages you to stay in your own lane… There will be many distractions that come in the form of “opportunities”, but if you tune into yourself, you’ll know what your body intuitively is saying yes to, and what your body wants you to decline or take time to think about before proceeding. 

This weekend’s Aries Moon encourages Scorpios to get moving and focus on incorporating more elements of a healthy lifestyle into our daily routines. Hydrating, cutting back on alcohol or drugs, not checking your phone first thing in the morning, spending more time walking or meditating in nature, stretching, and eating wholesome meals are all ways to do so — but instead of trying to revamp your lifestyle all at once, use the twin-like energy of Mars in Gemini to focus on two positive habits you’re ready to integrate in your life. Saturn is spending another seven weeks in Aquarius, allowing you to integrate more structure and discipline in your life, but in order to do so you have to find the intrinsic motivation. Don’t focus on superficial results, but rather the inner expansion and healing you’re ready to consistently feel when you commit to living a soul-centered life where you feel great inside and out. 

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