Scorpio, this post-full moon week will feel filled with possibilities for expansion, and structure, simultaneously. We’re still in Sag Season, but the week begins with the Moon in Leo, and both Mercury and Venus are currently in Capricorn, giving us a sneak peak of what Capricorn Season has in store for us. With this Leo-Capricorn energy, we’re being asked to take our lives more seriously this week, while still passion playing and doing what we love! Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, remains in Pisces for 9 more days. On Dec 21, it will re-enter Aries for the next five months, and won’t return to Pisces for 12 years. Jupiter’s current transit activates Scorpio’s sector of fate, fame, true love, and adventure, so even if Mars is currently retrograde, you have the special touch this week, Scorpio. Shoot your shot in your creative endeavors and prepare to see your dreams catapult before your eyes. The Universe wants you to win!

Mid-week, the Virgo Moon calls more more simplicity and ease in our lives, which means we’d benefit from taking a break from the micromanaging, and instead be present with where we are in life right now, even if there’s still room for improvement. Do something that soothes your nerves, especially as we approach Mercury Retrograde at the end of the month. That may mean looking at your usual routine and schedule, and filling it with activities that feel spiritually nurturing. You may also have to check yourself whenever you find yourself being a workaholic of placing unrealistic expectations on yourself. Instead of putting more on your to-do list this week, focus on tying up loose ends and indulging in as much self-care as possible.

Romantically, with Venus spending its first full week in Capricorn, you’ll be having more serious conversations with your past, current, or potential partner(s). Venus in Sag had you in a more carefree romantic mood, but this week you’ll be thinking of your future, and it’s likely that you’ll be in a power couple mood where you want to start 2023 with someone secure by your side. The first key is to admit that to yourself, and if you’re already in a power couple partnership, this is a great week to express gratitude for that partnership. Once Jupiter re-enters Aries next week, a lot of what you’ve asked for will materialize, and your relationships will have even more of an effect on your mental and physical health. So use this week to weed out unhealthy dynamics within you and others, and highlight more of what you’d like to receive.

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