Scorpio, this is one of the most spiritually transformative weeks of the year, as we’re still feeling the effects of the Leo New Moon, making it prime time to take your intention-setting process seriously. It’s not only about writing down what you want to feel or experience in your life, but more about actually living it out in real time, even if all the circumstances aren’t aligned the way you would have wanted them to be. This is the season of intentional re-routes from the cosmos. The people you thought would remain by your side may suddenly be nowhere to be found, and the people you never anticipated showing up for you may be the ones to help you when you fall.

Your mission this week is to let the Universe surprise you — release the urge to control your environment or relationships as the week begins. This may be easier said than done, because the Moon starts off in Virgo on Monday, amping up your perfectionist tendencies. But instead of ignoring your feelings by trying to cross everything off your to-do list, spend time sitting down in your room in silence, doing absolutely nothing other than being aware of your breath. Even just five minutes of doing so each day this week will shift your mindset and empower you to keep flowing through life’s transits, challenges, joys, and everything in-between.

Mid-week, the Moon’s presence in Libra activates Scorpio’s sector of healing, spirituality, and closure. There may be a relationship that you’ve been trying to salvage or mend for the past few months, or years. With the recent North Node and Uranus in Taurus conjunction, combined with more than four planets and asteroids being retrograde, the Libra Moon helps you lovingly, yet firmly, release attachments you may have been holding on to, whether consciously or unconsciously. Even if you have hope that you and your ex will one day get back together, your mission is to release that expectation, and be present with the truth that you currently are not together, and that there’s no guarantee that you will be in the future. It’s only when you are able to practice non attachment and take off the rose-colored glasses that your healing will really be able to take part.

For most of the weekend, the Moon is in Scorpio, and the Sun’s in Leo. You’ll be oozing sex appeal, mystery, passion, and sentimentality. It’s a great weekend to take yourself out on a date, or go on a date with someone mesmerizing (even if it’s virtual). You’ll feel really drawn to human touch, because Venus is in Cancer and Mars is in Taurus, which means Venus and Mars are in a good mood, and that’ll put you in a good mood too. But also make room for the sadder moods that may emerge, because the Moon feels agitated when in Scorpio. It brings up repressed emotions. Moving your body by working out, going on a hike, making love, or having a naked dance party with yourself or others may be the way to let go of tension that’s been building up in your body. Giving or receiving sensual massages may speak to you too. You don’t have to heal alone, Scorpio. You don’t have to feel alone. You are loved and the Universe wants to shower you with love. Open up to it. Say yes!

I’ve just dropped Scorpio’s Summer ’22 Love Forecast, a 25-page PDF that breaks down all the important love-related transits occurring this July, August, and September 2022. Order yours here and receive it immediately as a PDF upon purchase. Enjoy!!

Scorpio’s Summer ’22 Love Forecast


Scorpio’s Summer ’22 Love Forecast breaks down what Scorpios can expect romantically and socially from Leo Season throughout Virgo Season. We also look back at what the summer solstice taught us about starting fresh and being vulnerable and trusting when it comes to our romantic journeys. Whether you’re single and ready to meet someone you deeply connect with, currently in a relationship but hoping to spice things up, or dating but seeking either more freedom or more commitment, Scorpio’s Summer ’22 Love Forecast is a 25-page guide that will help you make the most of key astrological dates, so you’ll know when to make your move and when to lay low.

This is a highly packed summer of retrogrades and awakenings — and it’s the first summer in over a decade where Jupiter is in Aries, activating our sector of wellness. This summer, Scorpios will experience moments of profound introspection and solitude, and moments of tremendous passion. You decide how your love life goes, Scorpio. You hold the key to what you desire, and as you understand different astrological transits, you can better flow with the Universe’s twists and turns. Love can be fun, adventurous and soul-opening this summer if you dive into your own infinite capacity to love.

Everything’s available for download as digital products immediately after purchase. Enjoy!

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Cancer, Leo and Virgo season are known as the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere (and the astrological interpretations in this forecast also applies to those experiencing winter in the Southern Hemisphere). July – September ’22 are some of the best periods of time to attract, heal and/or deepen relationships. Curious what this means for Scorpio’s love life? With retrograde season activating our sectors of roots, expansion and communication, and Jupiter in Aries activating our sector of wellness, Scorpios are learning how to have greater faith in their ability to manifest soul-enriching and transformative connections, no matter what they may have experienced in the past. This forecast also highlights periods of the summer where Scorpios may have to end harmful patterns of behavior in their relationships. These next three months can liberate you from a mindset that made you think that being in love and finding partners with whom you can heal is too good to be true. Ready for your entire consciousness about love and relationships to shift for the better? This 25-page love guide can help you understand how transformative letting yourself love and be loved can be for you as a Scorpio. With Uranus, the Planet of Change, in our relationship sector, this is the time to recondition your beliefs surrounding how you express your needs, how you go after who/what you want, and what you’re worthy of attracting romantically. You are a magnet for whatever you most desire. This summer’s energy will help you understand that, and have fun in the process. There are ways to use the cosmic cycles of the Universe as a heart-opener, and once you open yourself up to the astrological energy, you can transform your love life. It doesn’t matter what your relationship status is right now — love is love, and this forecast is about recognizing that and finding ways to overcome barriers that may keep you from fully giving and receiving love. It’s getting real. Awaken to what’s possible when you let go of control and trust the flow… 


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