Welcome to the Solar Eclipse in Aries week, Scorpio. Aries is ruled by Mars, just like us, so we’re going to feel extra stimulated by Thursday’s super-charged New Moon — a total solar eclipse. Next month on May 5th we’ll experience the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, so the decisions we make and actions we take this week are connected to the Lunar Eclipse in our sign that will occur early next month. Presence and patience. Presence and patience. Presence and patience. Let those two words be your guiding mantras this eclipse season, Scorpio. Eclipses bring necessary change that’s beyond our control or expectations, so there’s no need to try to be in control, or to have expectations. This has also been the lesson that Pluto, our second planetary ruler, has been trying to get you to understand since March 7, when it left the sign of Pisces and entered Aquarius.

As the week begins, use the Pisces Moon to reflect on how you can infuse more fun, play, and adventure in your life — sooner rather than lately. You’ve been taking yourself much more seriously lately, and while that may be helping you feel more structure with your long-term goals, it can also be a killjoy when it comes to social experiences. Be honest with yourself about what simple pleasures you can allow yourself to experience without shame or guilt. You deserve this, and the more you take care of yourself before the solar eclipse strikes, the better. Keep in mind that we’ll be in the dark-of-the-moon period up until 23rd — its only once we see the first sliver of the New Moon that we’ll have made it out of the shadow world. Be patient and presence amidst the intense emotions that will come up for you this eclipse week.

Romantically, Venus’ presence in Gemini, combined with Mercury Retrograde in Taurus that begins the 21st, has you reflecting on who you were as a lover, and who you’d like to become. This isn’t the time to make radical decisions such as make-ups or break-ups. It’s a time to be an observer of how you react to people who want to be in your orbit, and also an observer of you how you may consciously or subconsciously push others out of your orbit. Saturn’s presence in Pisces is activating your sector of true love, and it’s asking you to hold yourself accountable for the love life you claim you want. Pay attention to the limiting beliefs you may be keeping in your mind, and find ways to slowly but surely eliminate those thoughts and replace them with more regenerative ones. Even if you feel lonely or confused due to eclipse and retrograde season, know that all astrological transits are temporary, and soon you’ll feel something new.

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