Scorpios, welcome to a Full Moon week! On the 16th the Libra Full Moon sheds light on our spiritual journeys, and our relationships. Since full moons are intensely felt in the days prior to them occurring, as the week begins, we’re likely to already tap into the healing energy of this final full moon before eclipse season starts. Our relationships have been going through pretty dramatic shifts this year, largely due to the South Node (symbol of our past karma and past lessons) being placed in our sign, where it will remain all year long. This is making us even more selective and intentional in our connections, but it can also give others the impression that we’re being selfish or only caring about our own needs.

The truth is, we’re setting more boundaries regarding what type of bonds we want to form, because we have high standards for ourselves and the lives we’re creating — we only want someone who can match our energy, on a long-term level. We’re in the process of ascending and we want to soar alongside a fellow superhero. This goes for friendships, romance, professional ties, and spiritual connections. We want to fine-tune the type of friend and partner we are, so that we can attract and/or maintain the type of friend(s) and partner(s) we deserve.

But before we even get to the full moon magic, on Monday the 11th we experience the North Node in Taurus making a frictional alignment to Saturn in Aquarius. We may experience tension between our intimate relationships and our familial obligations. Many Scorpios may have been trying to keep it together for this sake of their family, but it’s highly advised that we check in on our mental and spiritual health as the week begins. As we approach eclipse season (and as we’re in the midst of Aries Season), we may easily lose our patience. If you end up getting angry or losing your temper on Monday, take a breather, go move your body to release the excess energy, and apologize if you’re ready.

You’ll be glad you did, because one day later, on the 12th, Jupiter and Neptune align beautifully in Pisces, making it one of the most magical and serendipitous days of the month (and even the year). You’ll want to feel as light as a feather so that you can be a vessel for the blessings and synchronicity that you’ll witness, and most likely receive, on or around the 12th. Release the grudges that you may consciously or unconsciously be holding on to, or at least a make a vow to yourself that you won’t be spiritually weighed down by bitterness, resentment, or pettiness. So much goodness awaits once you choose to flow in the direction of your heart’s ultimate bliss, instead of getting caught up in past experiences or unfortunate circumstances. Remember Scorpio, it’s Aries Season, and you are the main character.

On the 14th, Mars, our ruling Planet of Action, joins Venus and enters Pisces. Mars will be in Pisces up until May 24, activating Scorpio’s sector of fate, true love, adventure, and youthfulness. We’re about to have the time of our lives, and many Scorpios will be in the mood to flirt, dance, sing, be courted, go on dates, make love, create works of art, and let their inner child take the lead when it comes to passion playing throughout the cosmos. It may feel more challenging to concentrate on mundane affairs during Mars in Pisces, so definitely try to use the first half of the week to tie up loose ends and get your practical affairs in order (taxes, anyone?) Mars in Pisces invites us to dream about what’s possible if we choose to believe that we are magnets for what we desire, or better.

This week, slow down, sleep more, and let your imagination run wild. Let your heart be filled with infinite possibilities for giving and receiving love. By the time the Libra Full Moon strikes on the 16th, you may be pleasantly surprised by a current or past lover’s revelations they make to you. Deep down, you already knew what they’ve been finding the courage to finally admit, but it feels great to hear them say it. And you may be blown away by what you have to say in response. This is a profoundly heart-opening time for us, Scorpios. Accept the magic.

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Have an amazing full moon week, Scorpios!!