Monday’s purifying and grounding Virgo New Moon is the main event of the week, Scorpio. You’ll find yourself acutely aware of who you trust, who you have yet to trust, and who you wonder if you’ll ever be able to trust. Your sector of tech, social networks and friendships is activated by the Virgo New Moon, so take time to set intentions regarding the type of friend you want to be, and the type of friends you want to maintain, or welcome, in your life these next six months. Being self-aware and admitting your own areas of improvement in these realms of your life will ensure that you attract the energy that you’re looking for, and release the energies that aren’t aligned with your evolutionary journey. Resist the need to over-explain yourself or your choices. This week, you’d benefit from moving in silence and simply trusting yourself.

The first two days of the week, the Virgo Moon helps you be honest about what you have time to do, what you actually want to do, and what you have left to do. This self-awareness helps you fine-tune your priorities, respond to important messages, and also let people know if you’re not currently available. You’re learning that it’s okay to not be able to be there for everyone — you’re taking the step by step approach and being honest about what you have the capacity to do, to create, and to express.

Mid-week, the Moon shifts into Libra, placing a focus on your spiritual well-being. This may be the ideal time for you to set your new moon intentions, because you’ll be feeling more harmonious and at ease with yourself and all your responsibilities. Let yourself specifically envision your life six months from now. What would you like to spend the majority of your days doing? Who would you like to be surrounded by? Do you mutually pour into each other and amplify each other’s strengths? Do you feel divinely loved and supported by those in your community? And what’s your relationship with social media and the tech tools you have at your disposal to make the world, and your life, more easeful? Let yourself vividly dream and fantasize of this world that you’re creating with each intention you set.

Things get spicy on Friday the 10th when Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts into our sign for several weeks. We’re starting to get a preview of what Scorpio Season will have in store. This is an exciting period for Scorpios, because we haven’t had a major planet in our sign for several months this year, and this transit will feel like a welcomed shift. Our confidence will increase this weekend, making it a great time to go out and let loose, letting the New Moon work its magic and lead you to being at the right place, at the right time, surrounded by the right people.

You’ll also find yourself attracting new money-making opportunities around this weekend and for the next few weeks. Check in to ensure they’re aligned with your values and what you want to invest in. If so, then say yes to the abundance! If not, then re-strategize and maintain an abundant mindset, because the types of financial rewards and professional opportunities that you seek are also seeking you too.

Enjoy this first full week of September, Scorpio. It’s likely to feel like one of the most rewarding, calming and passionate weeks you’ve felt all summer. You’re noticing that as you continue to invest in yourself, believe in yourself, and trust yourself, the Universe opens up new doors of opportunity, and also shows you doors from your past that have always been open, but that you may have been too busy to notice. We’re very much still in retrograde season, so pay attention to the themes from your past that keep popping up (as well as the people from your past). You are being offered a cosmic rebirth that will propel you to great heights these next six months, so take this portal seriously, and enjoy the transformation as you grow your Phoenix wings and soar.

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