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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: 9.2. – 9.8.19

Mourn your past life and your past self, Scorpio. You’ve evolved past these versions of yourself, and all that’s attached to them. It’s time to let go. This week will gently guide you as you consciously do so. It won’t be easy, but it will challenge you enough to set yourself in a new direction, one that your heart has longed for. Scorpio, nurture yourself consistently this week. Before taking care of anyone else, make sure you feel centered and at peace with yourself and your journey. This can be ensured by spending more time on your own. Ground yourself in solitude. If tears emerge, let them fall down your cheeks. If laughter emerges, let it fill you up with joy. Let it come, let it be.

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifted into Virgo last week, and this may make you hyper-aware of what’s going on within and around you. You may be more scrutinizing of yourself and others this week, but you’ll have to place protective boundaries around how much you express, and how much energy you give others. Some people purposefully trigger you as a way to distract you from your journey and evolution. They can tell that you’re blooming beautifully, and that intimidates them and makes them feel insecure. You can have compassion and understanding for them, but you must not take on their unresolved issues as your own. The most loving thing you can do for both them and yourself is to let go, in whatever way feels right to you. Only you know, Scorpio…

Take time to set intentions this week. Imagine yourself already in March 2020. Who’s by your side? How do you make yourself feel? How do those in your inner circle make you feel? What do you enjoy doing consistently, and how much do you prioritize doing so? How does it feel to be at peace with yourself and your journey? How does it feel to be financially prosperous and balanced? How does it feel to measure wealth in ways other than just the amount of money in your bank account, all while knowing that it’s perfectly okay to have both financial and spiritual wealth — in fact, it’s encouraged. Just because you spend time thinking about these questions does not mean that you must find all the answers this week, Scorpio. The answers will naturally unfold as you live in the present moment. There’s nothing to fear. The Universe knows exactly why you’re here, in this moment. You’re about to enter a portal and come out more awake.

Romantically, everything is shifting now that Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is retrograde in your partnership sector. Veils are being lifted, your true desires are intensifying, and you’re becoming more attuned to the whispers of your heart (which are increasingly getting louder and louder). It’s pretty wild how you’re able to sense both what is being kept from you, and what is on the tip of other people’s tongue, just about to be uttered. While your sixth sense and hyperawareness can often feel like a blessing and a curse, try to release self-judgment, and judgment of others this week. View everything happening in your life as a mirror being held up in front of you, asking you to truly look within. What is the Universe trying to teach you right now, Scorpio? Deep down, you know the answer. And it’s up to you to move accordingly… Once you do, your new story begins.

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  1. You are always so spot on and it speaks to me so much what u say. Plus the understanding you have of scorpio’s is amazing and the advice and encouragement you give is so helpful and like a warm hug x thanku so much xxx🌠💚🌈

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