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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: 9.18.17 – 9.24.17

There will be a New Moon in Virgo this week that gives you the new beginning you’ve been yearning for. But you have to put in the work for this fresh start to be sustainable, and not just an idealistic desire. This week is a merging of Virgo Season and Libra Season. The New Moon in Virgo that takes place on the 20th occurs 2 days before the Sun leaves Virgo and enters airy Libra. Virgo energy is about seeking order and structure in your life, while Libra energy is about balance and light-heartedness. You’d benefit from being organized in your daily affairs, and weeding out the distractions, so that you can make room for exciting relationships and experiences during Libra Season.

The New Moon takes place at 1:30am EST on Wednesday the 20th (in some time zones it takes place late at night on Tuesday the 19th). Use the early hours of Tuesday the 19th to clean up your home, physical space and digital space. All year you’ve been doing purging, but this Virgo New Moon may lead to you taking it to a whole new level. Try not to get obsessive in your quest to release the dead weight though… You don’t have to donate everything to charity all at once. Be intentional about what you’re releasing and why. And once it’s done, don’t overthink it. Just let it be. You may want to start the purging in sections. Dedicate time to your closet first, then your kitchen drawers, under your bed, your Twitter feed, then Facebook friend list, etc… Spread out the purging throughout the week and the month, but get started sooner rather than later.

The reason why there’s so much emphasis on becoming more minimal in your physical and spiritual world is because in about 3 weeks, Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, will enter your sign, Scorpio. Jupiter’s the largest planet in our solar system, and also the most benevolent. In order to really bask in the blessings that Jupiter wants to shower you with, you have to have room for them — literally and metaphorically. If your mind is stuffed with past nostalgia, resentments, hurts, or pain, then it won’t have room for blessings. If your home or social media feeds are filled with nonessential, distracting objects or people, then you won’t have room for people who light you up and make you feel at ease. Scorpios sometimes have a hard time letting go, but this week will make it easy for you to release and embrace a fresh start.

Once the New Moon strikes on Wednesday, take time to visualize what your new priorities are for this last quarter of 2017. So much can still be accomplished before year’s end. The Virgo energy wants you to focus though, and not complain about your situation, but instead be solution-oriented. If there are situations in your life that make you feel stuck or uninspired, you have to make meaningful changes. No one else but you can make those changes. Luckily, once Libra Season starts on Friday the 22nd, and the equinox takes place, you’ll realize that you aren’t alone. Many people are seeking to up-level their lives and to break free from their self-imposed limitations. Use Libra Season to find your tribe, or reconnect with like-minded souls who can help you see the light. By the end of the week, you may have made a radical decision about how you lead your professional and social life. You’re prioritizing yourself more, and you will feel so bad-ass as a result of doing so.

Romantically, Tuesday Venus leaves sexy Leo and enters practical Virgo, so you’ll notice the flirtatious vibes switching into more grounded, selective ones. During a Venus in Virgo transit, you’ll be operating more behind-the-scenes in your love life, doing more observing rather than initiating. You have so much going on for your professionally right now that you really won’t have time for games or casualties. The equinox leads to a meaningful shift in the way you approach relationships — you’re no nonsense and much more about your business than you may have been these past few months. Jupiter and Uranus do oppose each other this week, meaning that you may have moments of confusion about which direction you should specifically take romantically. That’s why you should take time to write your New Moon Intentions — read my free guide here — so that you can clarify what you want from love in the first place. The more specific you can be, the better. By March 1, 2018, at the corresponding Virgo Full Moon, the seeds that you plant this week will have bloomed beautifully.

Have a great New Moon week, Scorpio! Let me know how it’s going in the comments below.

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  1. Live by Scorpio mystique’s stars.
    Always 100% correct, it’s as if she is reading my soul and predicting my future.
    Thank you. You give me so much insight xxxx

  2. Thank you for any other magnificent post. The place else may just anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect approach of writing? I’ve a preeontatisn next week, and I am on the look for such info.

  3. I just finished reading my birth chart and it was fascinating ! It really made me see myself in a different light . I also got a good laugh at parts that I couldn’t believe would come out in my birth chart ! I highly recommend ! And thank you for taking your time on it .

  4. What a great find… this beauty truly kknows the Scorpio ways very accurate usable readings…they really resonate!
    Thank you Scorpiomystique

  5. Thnxxx for always giving me just that final push to go on or to take that last step I need. Just met my Leo this week and wonder how we will fit together. ❤❤❤

  6. Words just can’t describe how truly amazing u are , everyday u blow me away with how well u know me but never even met me!! Scorpio 11:10:81 here and I’m not sure about the rest of u but this is me everyday!!! Inspired

  7. I wanna understand and know my birth chart , how do I get this? Much love coming your way everyday ?❤️?‍♀️? my love life with Gemini is killing me this year and I can’t seem to stay on any path , too many losses recently and I’m about to make a life changing decision and don’t know if I should stay or go……. each day your words hit me deep in my souls and motivate me in a way I never been before ❤️❤️❤️Incredible

  8. Your words resonate with my whole being Scorpio Sister! Thank you for allowing me the tools to better know myself and those around me! Always spot on!

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3 responses to “Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: 9.18.17 – 9.24.17

  1. you embrace who you are and what you do, i will give to you next week, your energy is on fire right now with this one, i know real Goddesses so when i read your assements on us, lets me know you’re not giving ppl lies what krs one say “whats that other voice”

  2. Amazing bang on horoscope for me…I am in the midst of a huge life change-looking to leave my comfort zone of 17yrs in one company! When I read your forecast I am inspired to action. I love your words, wisdom and guidance! Thank you!

  3. The way this weekly forecast has HIT me. I read with tears in my eyes b/c this is confirmation to my spirit. Thank you for taking the time to listen and writing to yourself and us Scorpios what you heard. Blessings to you and yours always!

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