This week, Scorpio, you’re likely to feel like you’re at a crossroads. Ever since Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, began its retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, you’ve noticed yourself be hit with waves of nostalgia regarding elements of your past, but also with huge signs from the Universe that it’s time to stop looking back, because you have to prepare for what is to come. Capricorn energy is all about legacy-building, structure, and long-term objectives. And when Venus is retrograde in Capricorn, it activates Scorpio’s communication sector. We start to question ourselves, our values, our true desires, and we also pay more attention to where we have resistance in our lives. This is likely to be the case for you as the week begins, and since the Moon will be in Libra, there’s no need to make fixed decisions about love, money, or your creativity at this time. Just be a patient observer…

Mid-week, the Moon shifts into Scorpio, deepening the passion in the air. It would be a great time to have a deep conversation with a lover, a friend, or even a frenemy. Your ability to get things off your chest as the year comes to an end is super high right now, and with Mars, your ruling planet, currently in Sagittarius, you’re feeling more blunt, direct, and slightly carefree. If someone annoys you, you won’t hesitate to let them know, or to distance yourself from them. If someone makes you smile non-stop, you’ll also let them know, and you’ll want to spend more time around them. Life feels and flows easier when you stop playing mind games and are upfront about what your needs are, and this is the week to do so. The Scorpio Moon may also amp up your sexual desires and your creative impulsive, so find outlets for the abundance of energy you’ll feel within.

Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, shifts into Pisces on December 28th — this is one of the most magical transits of the year, Scorpio! Back in May – July 2021, Jupiter gave us a sneak peek of what its energy is like when it’s in its home sign of Pisces, so think back to the adventures and revelations you had back then. Jupiter will spend the first five months of 2022 activating Scorpio’s sector of true love, creativity, youth, and adventure, and it will make life feel super dreamy and mystical. It may also lead to us overindulging in certain aspects of our lives, and not wanting to focus on mundane or practical tasks. This Capricorn Season, find ways to get as much work done as you can, so that you can start off the year of 2022 in a more mellow and relaxed mode, and also so that you can prioritize love and pleasure. Jupiter in Pisces guarantees that 2022 is a year where we’ll feel more in love with ourselves, others, and life, than we have in quite some time. I absolutely love this for us, Scorpio!

This weekend, the Moon in Sagittarius encourages you to be more flirtatious and dynamic, even if you decide to keep it cool and remain at home or in an intimate circle. You could play dress-up, enjoy some digital dating, or let a friend or family member hook you up with someone unexpected. Your wild side will emerge as the year of 2021 ends, Scorpio, and as we approach the Capricorn New Moon on the 2nd of January, a part of you may want to play with your shadows more, and let out aspects of yourself that you usually keep under wraps. Let yourself indulge in this process of self-discovery, play, and wonder. And if someone (or more than one person) wants to come along for the ride, and it feels right to you, let the combination of Jupiter in Pisces and the Moon in Sag open you up to new portals of experience, pleasure, and expansion. You are the portal itself, Scorpio.

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