As the first week of Capricorn Season kicks in, so does your ability to organize your thoughts and words more effectively, Scorpio. Your voice has the power to both soothe and command, which can be intimidating for some and incredibly inspiring to others. With the Great Conjunction happening in your sector of home and family as well this week, you’re ready to lead the hearts of many into the new age with confidence. Just remember that anyone who shows intense resistance to this may need more of a tender word of encouragement than a slap on the wrist.

During the 2020 Ascension (a phenomenon that will last throughout the entire 2020s decade and beyond, where we’ll collectively raise our vibration and increase our capacities to heal, love, and care for each other), everyone ascends at a different level, at their own rate. So keep that in mind this week if you at times feel like you’re lightning years ahead of some of your peers, family members, or friends. It’s not your job to bring everyone to the same consciousness that you’re at, Scorpio. Yes, this energy is more about the collective, and you are aware of your superpowers now, but remember that the best superheroes are those who save and protect their own selves first…

This week Scorpio, The Great Conjunction is the main astrological energy that we’re working with — and that’s more than enough! Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, aligns with Saturn, the Planet of Responsibility, in Aquarius. This hasn’t happened in over 700 years. We’re so lucky to be alive right now, even if events this year sometimes made us question our realities. Questioning our realities is a great thing though, Scorpio! That’s exactly what the Age of Aquarius wants us to do. Who taught you to think, act, speak, and live the way you do? What are your values, and where do they stem from?

Are there habits or limiting beliefs from your childhood that do you more harm than good? What would it look like for you to intentionally and consciously reprogram your brain so that you attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want? Your brain will be filled with thoughts and questions like these this week, and you may find that you have more epiphanies and “aha!” moments this week than you have had all year. Keep a journal by your side, or leave yourself voice notes. You’ll be blown away by all the realizations and connections you’re making.

To avoid getting restless, anxious or overwhelmed by all this cosmic activation this week, Scorpio, it’s important for you to ground yourself through being mindful about your breath, taking frequent breaks from technology to be the recipient of your own downloads, meditate, sleep, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and move your body through stretching, going out for walks or runs, or working out. During Aquarius Season, as humans remember that we’re the superheroes we’ve been looking for, we’ll start treating our bodies with more reverence and respect, and we’ll truly see how much they’re vessels for our transformations.

Since The Great Conjunction is activating your home sector, you’ll feel inspired to not only take care of yourself, but also your home, your family, and those who feel like family. Because you now see the light and understand what must be done, you’ll want to help those in your community and your vicinity also glow-up. As long as you don’t make it your mission to change everything overnight, you’ll find that this week so many home-related matters suddenly fall into place. You may manifest a new home if you’re looking for one, or you may spend time decorating, renovating, or purging. It’s essential that you smooth out family drama, not by brushing it under the rug, but by having clear and candid conversations about the elephant in the room. It’s best to clear the air before 2021 begins so that you can step into a new year feeling lighter and free of psychological burdens.

Romantically, with this being Venus’ first full week in Sagittarius, you’ll find that you’re more attracted to the idea of cultivating wealth of all kinds, rather than the typical lovey-dovey connections. This Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, combined with Mars, our planetary ruler’s, presence in Aries, and now Venus’ shift in Sag, is making many Scorpios feel more emotionally detached than they’re used to. It’ll feel bizarre to us, our lovers, our friends, family members, and to those who may be intrigued by our aura and may want to be getting to know us. But there’s nothing we can do about it but flow with the detachment and observe what this new wave of loving without controlling is here to teach us.

This won’t always be a linear process. There will be moments when we still dive into our more extreme sides as Scorpios, but this week you’ll find that whatever or whoever you want will come to you when you release the need to have them in the first place. Use the energy of the recent Solar Eclipse in Sag to set intentions about the type of money and relationships you’d like to attract by the Lunar Eclipse in Sag, six months from now. By taking time to set intentions, the Universe hears your requests and starts getting to work, without you having to do much else but open your spirit and allow. You must believe that your love and social life can be a reflection of your current desires, and so it will be.

Take a deep breath, Scorpio. And another. You’re almost on the other side. Be present with your blessings. Are you ready to learn more about The Great Conjunction and how it’ll propel us into 2021? Read your 2021 Cosmic Guide, a 55+ page digital report written by me, which includes a Bonus Love Forecast for Scorpio within it. So many Scorpios who have already ordered the report have DM’d me letting me know how it made them feel so ready for the year ahead, and that’s exactly why I wrote it! You must release the idea that struggle will be something you must get used to, Scorpio.

Yes, 2020 had its share of challenges during Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, but now a new era has begun, and it wants us to choose lightness. It wants us to choose liberation. It wants us to choose ourselves. Invest in yourself and your emotional and mental well-being with this digital 2021 guide, written exclusively for Scorpios and those with dominant Scorpio energy. Thank you to all who already have! Have a beautiful Great Conjunction, my friends. See you on the other side!

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