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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: 11.5 – 11.11

This is a monumental week for three reasons. First, our annual New Moon in Scorpio takes place on Wednesday, November 7th, helping us kickstart a fresh six-month cycle in our lives. If you’ve been feeling restless, and you know it’s time for a positive change, this New Moon energy in your sign will ignite the brand new beginning that you’ve been seeking. But first, Monday and Tuesday are dark-of-the-moon periods, which means all of the junk that you have to sort through will make their appearance. Take your time as you examine the areas of your life that no longer resonate with where you’re at spiritually. Once the New Moon strikes at 11:02am on Wednesday the 7th, you’ll feel more aligned than ever, and you’ll be glad you didn’t take any shortcuts.

Reason #2 that this week is influential? Uranus, the Planet of Change, shifts out of Taurus and into Aries on November 6, where it will remain until March 2020. After that point, it won’t return to Aries again for another 84 years. Prior to Uranus entering Taurus on May 15, 2018, it had been in Aries since 2011. This means that we’re going to experience 4 more months of Uranus in the fiery, courageous and bold sign of Aries. Since Uranus is retrograde until early January, these last two months of the year will feel like cosmic refreshers when it comes to how the Universe wants us to face change and surprises in our lives. Our work and health sectors may be activated by this transit, meaning that if you’ve been feeling the urge to switch up a daily routine, apply for a dream job, or jump into more entrepreneurial ventures, this week may present a great opportunity for you to do so. Especially if it involves something you had previously passed up or forgotten about. This is the time to cultivate a lifestyle that makes you want to jump out of bed each morning.

The third reason why this week is one to remember is due to Jupiter’s monumental shift out of our zodiac sign and into fiery Sagittarius. This takes place the day after the New Moon, on Thursday, November 8th. Jupiter first entered Scorpio on October 10, 2017. The past 13 months were full of extremes, and in many ways we’ve evolved into completely different human beings due to all the expansion that existed during this transit. Jupiter in Scorpio energy expands both the joys and the sorrows in our lives, and it can at times feel like an emotional roller-coaster. But once Jupiter enters its home sign of Sagittarius on the 8th, it will feel so at ease there. The feeling of being high off of life will continue, but it’ll be the chill and exciting type of high that allows us to feel more optimistic, creative and joyful on a consistent level. For many of us, our financial sectors will get a boost from Jupiter’s entrance into Sagittarius, largely due to the behind-the-scenes work we’ve put in during Jupiter in Scorpio. But money can go out just as easily as it comes in, so use this week to strategize when it comes to your earnings, spending, and saving. Where can you cut back? What are your priorities when it comes to where your money goes? And why? If you wanna win big during Jupiter in Sag, you gotta play smart.

Romantically, Venus spends its final full week retrograde in Libra. It goes direct on the 15th, so chill out if you feel a bit misunderstood this week. Everyone’s in their own world, and they’re viewing things through their unique filter, which may or may not reflect your truth. It’s more important to spend this week appreciating your own worth, rather than trying to get anyone else to. Those who matter will naturally catch your vibe, and you’ll still have very memorable experiences despite Venus Retrograde. If anything, you’ll feel more sentimental and nostalgic this week, and you may want to hit up someone special out of the blue. Scorpios who are boo’d up may find themselves going over situations in their partnership that they’d like to hash out. But it’s best to wait until after the 15th to make any drastic decisions in any partnership — friendships and romance included. Sit with the feelings that emerge this week, and use the New Moon energy to become clear about the connections you are currently seeking to deepen, and which ones must drift away…

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  1. The last 6 months of 2018 have sucked through and through. From financial ruts to romance. I just can’t catch a fcking break, and I’m not sure why any of this is resonating with me. I’ve been waiting for this “big break” to happen and it never did. I’m sure it won’t either. Slowly but surely giving up. I hope 2019 is the complete opposite of what 2018 has been. I’m at wits end.

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