Welcome to a New Moon week, and the first full week of October, Scorpio! Monday and Tuesday, we’ll be experiencing the dark-of-the-moon period, which means that you may be feeling more introverted and sensitive as the week begins. As we’re leading up to Wednesday’s Libra New Moon, you’re deepening your awareness of your own insecurities, trauma responses, and fears — and you’re approaching them with love and compassion rather than with harsh self-judgment. By reminding yourself of your humanity, all while still activating your Scorpio superpowers, you’ll flow through this new moon week with the awareness that you can always begin anew and change course as needed.

Our ruler Pluto shifts direct in Capricorn on the day of the new Moon, but it also makes a planetary square to the New Moon, which means there’s something you’re still indecisive about in terms of your love life, your communication styles, and what your priorities are. It may take you another six months to start to feel more certain about what you want, but Saturn’s shift direct on 10/10 will help you feel like clarity is coming, even if it’s a slow and gradual process.

Take time between October 6 and 16th to set New Moon intentions that have to do with how to bring more ease into your healing and spirituality journey. That means not looking at those words as just words, but truly tangible actions and fortifying mindsets that help you overcome adversity and welcome more joy. That may mean signing up for a hobby that you’ve been wanting to do since you were a child, or finally tackling your financial management in ways that help decrease the anxiety you were feeling. You’re the one who knows what your current priorities are — and this week you’re encouraged to do what you tend to avoid doing.

Venus enters Sagittarius on the 7th, helping brighten up the cosmos after the intensity of Venus in Scorpio. With your ruler Mars in Libra this month, you’re likely to feel quite flirtatious, joyful, expansive and adventurous on Thursday, and throughout the weekend. You may seek to remain close to those who make you feel free, and who celebrate your independence, rather than fear it. You’ll also find yourself owning up to your own possessive tendencies, and suddenly feeling ready to release the grips you tend to have on certain relationships. This transit helps you open up to life’s unexpected encounters, with the awareness that sometimes the best connections bloom from the unknown.

Thursday – Saturday are likely to be the most intense of the week, as the Moon enters our sign and squares off with Saturn in Aquarius. Once again, matters of deciding what’s within your control, and what’s better off being peacefully released, will be at the forefront of your consciousness. Once you let go of the need to be fully understood by everyone, you’re better able to fine-tune your message and speak to those who are meant to hear and understand your words, and your nature. End the weekend doing something out-of-the-box or otherworldly, as the Moon enters Sagittarius on Saturday and reminds you that even though you’ve been undergoing silent battles, there’s always sunshine on the other side. Keep shining, my love. Our season is rapidly approaching!

Read Scorpio’s October 2021 monthly forecast here. Have a beautiful week!

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