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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: 10.14 – 10.20

The week after a Full Moon is full of continued cosmic downloads and powerful energy that has to do with release and surrender. Jupiter is still in Sagittarius for six weeks, and on Monday the 14th it makes a wild alignment with Uranus in Taurus, making us feel activated, invigorated, flirtatious, driven and a bit unpredictable. It may be tempting to react defensively or even aggressively in our partnerships as the week begins, but if you can, check yourself. We are in the pre-shadow period of Mercury Retrograde, which means it’s best to avoid drama and unnecessary disagreements. The Universe is testing your patience and making sure you’re keeping your eyes on the prize and not getting distracted by what it’s placing in your path. Ask yourself if it’s really worth it to engage in low vibrational actions or reactions. Breathe through your triggers, knowing they don’t define or control you. You’re more powerful than you realize.

This is the last full week of Libra Season, which means our birthday is right around the corner, and this may be making you feel quite reflective on how much you’ve gone through since last year. Use the Gemini Moon mid-week to engage in productive conversations and visualization with your dream team. If you don’t yet have a dream team when it comes to people who help keep you accountable professionally and creatively, this is the week to start seeking them out. It doesn’t have to be a huge support system — you can begin by identifying one to two people who you trust to have your best interests at heart. Open up to them just a little more. Mercury and Venus are still in Scorpio, making it a bit challenging to fully trust, but you should practice trying to see the best in others, and you may be pleasantly surprised by what they reveal. 

On Thursday the 17th, Jupiter aligns with Pluto in a harmonious and inspiring way, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture in your life and really put things in perspective in terms of what’s worth your energy and what’s not. It’ll be a powerful time to pitch a proposal, collaborate on a creative project, visualize ways to increase your income, launch a new entrepreneurial product, travel someplace new or book a future flight, and really think of ways to expand your life and step out of your comfort zone. Exciting yet nerve-wracking opportunities may occur around this time. It’s up to you to be inspired by whatever fear comes up, rather than paralyzed by it. 

With Venus well settled into Scorpio in preparation for Scorpio Season, your love life may feel like a profoundly dramatic fantasy or movie. Whether that’s because you’re feeling very alone and horny, which increases your dramatic flairs, or because you’re super obsessed with someone and find it hard to control what you’re feeling, just know that this week amplifies your emotions because we’re still feeling the flames of the Aries Full Moon. The key is to not deny what comes up. No need to try to play it cool or have it all together if you’re actually not that chill. It’s normal and healthy to have passionate, at times all-consuming emotions. It means you’re alive and allowing yourself to express your livelihood without shame. It only gets unhealthy when you become so consumed by your emotions that you aren’t free to see or feel anything else.

It’s up to you to create safe spaces or communities you can retreat to when the energy of Mercury and Venus in Scorpio gets too intense. You’re not the only one feeling this way, so don’t bottle up what comes up this week. Cry, vent, scream, work out, meditate, journal, stay hydrated and know that your heart is begging to be acknowledged and have its needs met. That’s all it really wants. To feel like you’re prioritizing what it’s trying to show you it so desperately needs. Can you commit to yourself before expecting anyone to commit to you? Reflect on that this week as you continue to purge, heal, and evolve. Have a beautiful week. 

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  1. Hoooooooolyyyyyyyyyy Shit. Currently I’ve been awake since 10 am Sunday, its now 6:30 am Wednesday. What’s that- 69 hours? I’m an entrepreneur and during that time initiated another stage in production. This is 100%.

  2. I love you and your amazing loving accurate wisdom that always resonates with what I am going through and uplifts and supports me no end!! You just get us scorpios perfectly xxx thanku so much 💚🌳🌈 love, peace and magical blessings to you and yours xxx jane🌹💖

  3. Can you commit to yourself, before anyone commits to you? that is one of the wisest statements and spoke deeply to me and made me realise that is exactly what I need to do! Thanku yet again scorpio mystique xxxx💚🌠🦉

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