Welcome to an Aquarius New Moon week, Scorpio! The month of February also begins this week, offering us a chance to press “restart” on the year 2022, and reflect on what chapters had to be closed in January in order for us to reach the next level of our ascension. Monday’s Aquarius dark-of-the-moon can highlight areas of your life where you still feel insecure or unsure about your next move. Instead of trying to push past those feelings of discomfort, lean into them and get curious about how they may be here to show you what lights you up, and also remind you of what you’ve outgrown. Then on Tuesday morning, the Aquarius New Moon strikes on the 1st day of the month, and you may feel like you’ve been spiritually cleansed. You may feel like you’ve emerged out of a dark tunnel, and you’re now blinded by light. Since Mercury will still be in its final two days retrograde, you’re encouraged to ease your way into this new beginning. Ideally, wait until 2.2.2022 to set your New Moon intentions, because that is one of the most powerful ascension portals of this year!

Mid-week, the Moon shifts into Pisces, and love, creativity, and pleasure will be your dominant priorities. You won’t be in the mood to do mundane work or super practical tasks, but rather in the mood to play, dream, self-pleasure, create art, make love, give yourself a makeover, go shopping, book your next trip… Whewww. Your mission will be to slow your roll enough to make sure you’re not being an escapist or trying to find ways to escape from your feelings. You can have fun, but also find ways to stay grounded this Aquarius Season. Tap into your planetary ruler Pluto’s presence in Capricorn as you spend time fantasizing about what you want to give and receive romantically, and actually following through on such intentions through practical applications of those fantasies. That means that instead of dreaming of DMing your crush, you should actually do it! Wednesday – Friday are likely to be the most magical days of the week for you, Scorpio. Some of your creative dreams are likely to get a major boost of cosmic support during this time, so if you have to launch something, aim to do so around then.

This weekend’s energy are more tumultuous, as the Aries Moon squares off with Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Pluto, all in Capricorn, leading to there being power struggles in your relationship with yourself, and others. Perhaps you’ll feel less patient around this time, which could lead to road rage or other roadblocks appearing in your life. Being aware of your triggers will help you find healthy coping mechanisms, such as deep breathing, yoga, or simply disconnecting from social media so that you don’t get caught up in waves of comparison or unnecessary arguments with people online. At the same time, the Moon harmonizes well with the Aquarius Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, so even when you think you’re facing challenges, there’s a part of you that will be innovatively thinking of solutions to those challenges, and they suddenly won’t feel as challenging anymore. Your mission this week is to celebrate both the highs and the lows that the cosmos is having you experience, and to remember that everything in life is cyclical, so there’s no need to try to control what happens next. Simply be present with all that’s happening now.

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