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Scorpio’s Summer Love Forecast

So everyone’s been freaking out about eclipse season and retrograde season. Many people fear these astrological terms, because they think it means all is doomed for their love lives or relationships. Little do they know that these two astrological cycles can be some of the most regenerating and exciting when it comes to romance and partnerships. This is especially the case because Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is in our sign for most of the year, and this is leading to major expansion in key areas of your life, especially the way you give and receive love.

During Jupiter Retrograde (March 8, 2018 – July 10, 2018) though, it was easy to be under the impression that there was major instability in your love life, or that you were constantly having to absorb lessons, sometimes in harsh or annoying ways. Once Jupiter goes direct on the 10th, you’ll have a greater awareness of why you did endure more periods of frustration, delays in love, or loneliness. Jupiter retrograde was here to teach us to love ourselves more deeply and passionately, to own up to our own insecurities or areas of improvement, and to be less judgmental of others in the process.

From July 10th through September 21st, all Scorpios will experience a brand new consciousness when it comes to love, and this is what this forecast will cover. Even if you’re reading this in a different hemisphere and it’s not currently summer, the effects of this transit are still the same. We will be experiencing the vibes of Cancer Season, Leo Season and Virgo Season during the “summer” months of the Northern Hemisphere, and each of these seasons will have a different evolutionary lesson when it comes to navigating our love lives, learning how to let down our guards more, and being the types of lovers that we’d like to have. Get ready for an awakening that revolutionizes everything, Scorpio.

Read the rest of the 20+ page Love Forecast here.

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  1. I always look forward to your insight on Scorpio my birthday is Nov 8 you’re always on point. Cant wait for the app

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