Scorpio’s Evolution Challenge

It’s Scorpio Season, meaning transformation time is upon us.

Are you ready to evolve, Scorpio?

As a Scorpio, you have three levels of evolution, which are symbolized by animal totems: the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix.

The Scorpion represents are lower nature, which is often how Scorpios are stereotypically characterized: evil, manipulative, jealous, overly secretive, etc…

The Eagle represents the evolving, and still highly ambitious Scorpio. Eagle Scorpios keep their eye on the prize and avoid drama as much as they can.

And our final level of evolution is the Phoenix stage, in which we accept and own our darkness, and transform it into light. Phoenix Scorpios rise from their own ashes, spiritually influencing everyone around them.

As Scorpios, we undergo all three levels of evolution in our lifetime, and not necessarily in the same order. We can vacillate between all 3 stages in the same day, sometimes. But the goal is to evolve and seek to remain at the Eagle and Phoenix stages for longer periods of time.

You are in control of who you want to be, and if you’re ready to evolve this Scorpio Season, you’re at the right place.

Join Scorpio’s Evolution Challenge, run by ScorpioMystique. The Challenge is a 3-part video series that will be published on YouTube on 10/31, 11/11/ and 11/21. ScorpioMystique will dive into Scorpio’s stages of evolution and help guide a movement for Scorpios who want to evolve into the higher version of themselves.

If you’re ready to leave your egocentric or prideful ways behind you, and open yourself up to the wonders of selflessness and authenticity, this challenge is for you.

It will take place on three days during Scorpio Season — each day will cover a phase of evolution.

1) Monday, October 31 — The Scorpion
2) Friday, November 11  — The Eagle
3) Monday, November 21 — The Phoenix

Join thousands of Scorpios around the world as we focus our energies towards manifesting our deepest dreams. All change starts within, and ScorpioMystique’s Evolution Challenge will help you make that inner shift.

Ready to soar, Scorpio?

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