The Sun has entered our sign, where it will remain for the next 4 weeks. Scorpio Season during Mercury and Mars retrograde and a recent new moon hits different — especially since we’ll be experiencing the second full moon of the month on the 31st. Scorpio, this season you’ll be using your past experiences as a way to refine and define your current needs. Instead of running away from your past, you can embrace your journey fully, even the boring, unhealthy, fragile, and frustrating parts. Know that you’ll receive an expansive amount of blessings these next four weeks as a result of your commitment to your soul’s journey. You don’t have to figure out exactly what it is that you want right now, Scorpio. Your main role is to open yourself up to all that you can receive, and step into the energy that feels most vibrant to you. Happy Scorpio Season!! It’s time for lift-off.