We’ve made it to the end of Mars Retrograde, Scorpios!! While there will still be a post-shadow period that we’ll feel these next few weeks, we can take a deep breath and celebrate the fact that even though the Planet of Action wasn’t traveling at its regular capacity, we were able to listen to its guidance and re-route our own selves in a way that allowed us to realize what actually serves us, and why. We may feel like we’ve changed both gradually and radically since Mars retrograde began on September 9, 2020. Be kind to this new self that’s emerged, especially since the Scorpio New Moon is right around the corner, encouraging you to fully embrace your rebirth. Things are going to start picking up for you, Scorpio, and all that you’ve been visualizing is about to fall right into your lap. You’ve put in work to get to this place, so keep making room for your blessings, and accept them once they arrive.