This second day of the Virgo Moon will have you purifying your mind, body and soul in preparation for tomorrow’s 11/11/2020 ascension portal, Scorpio. Today, 11/10/2020, is a portal in itself too. You’re realizing that in order to master your craft you must commit to it in a way that feels fun and freeing. It shouldn’t be something that feels like a chore or a burden. But in order to start making work feel like play, you have to let go of the heavier thoughts and blockages that keep you from fully being present with what you’re doing and why. Spend time journaling, being in nature, or soul-searching today, Scorpio. You’ll start to recognize which mindsets are limiting you from the next chapter of your life. The next step is committing to reconditioning your mind. Reading a new book or choosing to take a break from certain media consumption is enough to help shift your attention to what matters most. Have fun fine tuning your lifestyle to reflect what you want to receive more of.