With the Moon now in Virgo for the next 2.5 days, Scorpio, you’re likely to be focused on gaining clarity when it comes to what friendship truly means to you. But since the Moon forms an opposition with Jupiter in Pisces, there’s a chance that you may be looking at certain situations in your social life with rose-colored glasses. Either you’re underestimating how much someone actually cares about you, or you’re overestimating it and putting them on a pedestal, perhaps subconsciously. Instead of trying to decipher their intentions in the friendship or relationship, focus on clarifying your own. In what ways have you been showing up as a friend to people in your life? What does friendship mean to you and what investments, if any, are you willing to make to maintain your current friendships? And if you’ve conditioned yourself to believe that you don’t need friends or that you can only trust yourself, who hurt you? And how can you begin to heal?