Happy Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini, Scorpio! I need you to believe in your ability to let go of your limiting beliefs, and exceed your own expectations when it comes to what you can manifest in your life these next six months. Imagine yourself already “there”. These past two weeks have served as an eclipse portal, bringing you to this moment of self-actualization. But even though you’ll feel like a brand new person today and in the days and weeks to follow, you’ll also be aware that you didn’t get here on your own. Take time to acknowledge your ancestors and spirit guides who have sustained and led you when you thought you couldn’t keep going. Think of the people who cheered you on, even if they didn’t actually know you personally. Give thanks to those who invested in you, financially and spiritually, when you needed them most. Gratitude and awareness of your blessings is what will bring even more abundance and bliss into your life, Scorpio. There’s no need to do a major new moon ritual with this eclipse, because it has the power of 10 new moons combined (and since it’s a Gemini eclipse, we might as well double it, so 20 new moons combined!) All you’re here to do is focus on being the intention itself, and living a life you love, in whatever ways feel right to you in this present moment.