Welcome to June, Scorpio! A part of you may be feeling like there’s so much to be done this month, but it’s an illusion. Life is as simple as we choose to make it. There is, however, a lot to be felt, especially since Venus, the Planet of Love, is preparing to enter Cancer tomorrow. Instead of running away from whatever sensations emerge under today’s Pisces Moon, have fun and be curious about the intensity of your emotions. This would be an ideal day to create a playlist with some of your favorite songs from your youth. Since Mercury is currently retrograde, you’re likely to discover songs from your past that once had a significant impact on you. It’s also a powerful day for being sweeter to people you like and those who like you. Yesterday’s Aquarius Moon had you in hermit mode, but today’s Pisces Moon encourages you to let your guard down, with intention of course. Enjoy the more mellow and harmonious energy of the moment.