A thrilling and invigorating lunar eclipse in Sagittarius takes place in two days, Scorpio! You’ll be focused on redefining success and security in ways that feel liberating and expansive. Sagittarius energy amps up your personal optimism levels, however with both Saturn and Pluto currently retrograde, it’s essential that you find a balance between your desire to start over and your need to stabilize your foundation. With the Moon now in Scorpio for the next 2.5 days, you’re being asked to lean into your internal navigation system when it comes to what/who you’d like to prioritize, and why. As you deepen your self-trust, your path becomes clear, and you’ll find yourself having a blast doing and being what you love. There’s nothing more to do to prepare for this eclipse. Embody the energy of what you’re ready to feel by being present — right here, right now.