Today’s a brilliant day astrologically, with the Moon harmonizing with both Mars and Venus, as well as conjoining Jupiter. You may be in the mood to switch up your style, beautify your home, and reach out to people you haven’t connected to in a while. The Aquarius energy in the cosmos right now reminds you that you’re never as alone as you may think you are, and if you dare to step out of your Scorpio cave and truly look around you, you’ll feel more connected to others, and to life as a whole. But there’s a part of you that at times shies away from vulnerability, because you’re not sure people can handle your emotional intensity. The Age of Aquarius is helping Scorpios learn that in order to feel connected, it’s okay to detach in a healthy way. Detach from the need to control how your emotional nature is perceived by others. There’s no point in worrying about if other people get you when you’re still on the path of learning who you are. Focus on self-discovery today, and when you’re ready, start to let others in.