Scorpio, today one of your planetary rulers Pluto engages in an intense alignment with the Cancer Moon, and then at 5:56pm EST the Moon shifts into Leo for the next two days. You may therefore vacillate from feeling submerged in your emotions to dreaming of what your next bold move is going to be. Blend both energies together and use your heightened intuition to be honest with yourself about what your next leap of faith should be. If you’ve been wanting to shoot your shot professionally or romantically, have fun playing out those scenes in your mind before they even happen. Focus on the details of what it feels like to know your worth and claim it confidently. Soon enough, you’ll notice that what’s happening in your vivid visualizations starts mirroring what happens in your “reality”. Mercury’s currently in Pisces, making life feel more trippy and dreamy. Dive right into the exploration of your subconscious desires, and have fun bringing your deepest dreams to life.