The days after a Pisces New Moon have a dreamy, somewhat surreal energy to them, Scorpio. Take your time as you ease into this final stretch of Pisces Season. The astrological new year begins on the 20th, but before we get there, you may still have a few chapters to close on this current astro cycle. Today the Moon is in Aries, helping you firm up your plans, boldly set your intentions, and launch them into action — even if you’re not quite ready. Sometimes taking action before you feel fully prepared is the secret to success, because the Universe goes along with your momentum and suddenly you’ll see doors opening that previously weren’t even present. If you find yourself feeling anxious or having doubts about the direction you should go next, try to incorporate a few minutes of meditation into your day. Slow your thoughts, and be conscious of your breath. Soon, you’ll feel centered and aligned again, and you’ll be ready to take life on Earth step by step.