The Moon starts off in the airy sign of Libra as the month begins, and this allows us to reflect on what our spiritual needs are, Scorpio. After a brilliant and clarifying Virgo Full Moon, we are being asked to commit to the fresh start that we’ve embarked on by making sure that this month is all about doing what we love and being who we love. This means we are learning how to let ourselves give and receive love without inhibitions and without being overly self-protective. Pay attention to the love you receive today, whether it’s from the birds, the sun, the sky, a fellow human on the train or in your DMs. Whether it’s from a baby smiling at you or your favorite song playing on the radio. Whether it’s from a direct deposit hitting your bank account or your family member checking in on you. Love is all around you, and with Venus currently in Pisces in Scorpio’s sector of love and adventure, it’s being drawn to you like bees to honey. Open up your heart to love, and prepare for a magical month.