Today is 2/22/2021, which is a powerful day in numerology which represents spiritual awakening and ascension, as well as wealth and abundance. Scorpio, the Moon’s in Cancer as the week begins, helping you focus on expansion and higher realms of thinking and living. You may feel like it’s time to upgrade several areas of your life — your relationship to spirituality, wealth, sex, synergy, friendship, love and family. That’s because it is time. Last week’s shake-up between Saturn and Uranus made it undeniably clear to you that there are areas of your life where you’ve settled for less than you deserve. Now that you see this and can admit it to yourself, you’re being offered an opportunity to start fresh, especially since Mercury is no longer retrograde. This fresh start may be painful, lonely or confusing at first. But it will ultimately be rewarding and healing as you make room for the bliss, love and peace you deserve.