Happy Cancer Full Moon, Scorpios! Tonight’s final full moon of 2020 lights up our sector of expansion and adventure, and it asks us to think back on what we’ve experienced and explored over the course of the past six months. Think back to where you were during Cancer Season 2020. How much have you evolved since then? You may be feeling sentimental as you reflect on your growth, and you may also be feeling like there’s so much more you’d like to do and explore. Take a break from thinking about what’s next, Scorpio. Really be present with all that you’ve created, through your thoughts, actions, beliefs and intentions. This Full Moon can lead to a beautiful creative or entrepreneurial manifestation within the next few days, and it’ll feel so inspiring that you’ll continue to feel this energy as we enter a new year. You see with new eyes now, and you know that the word “impossible” really just means “I’m possible.” Anything you desire is possible. Believe it. See it. Achieve it.