We are one day away from Saturn’s shift out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. Scorpio, this is game-changing for you because during the past 2.5 years that Saturn’s been in Capricorn, you’ve been your toughest critic. You’ve put yourself through so much mental pressure to get things “right” and to do the best you could. You’ve hardly given yourself time to breathe in between your accomplishments. But now that Saturn’s switching into airy Aquarius, you’ll start to breathe easy as you bask in the cosmic rewards that will pour into your life. Spend time today thanking Saturn in Capricorn for the lessons. Thank Saturn for the tears. The trials. The hardships. The loneliness. The breakups. The truth being revealed. Thank Saturn in Capricorn for molding you into the phenomenal Phoenix that you’re perpetually evolving into. A new world awaits, and it’s one where you’ll soar lightly, you’ll soar freely, and you’ll soar feeling sure of who you are and who you were born to be.