Welcome to the final eclipse of the year, Scorpio. It’s also the first Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of 2020, and it’s taking place in Sagittarius. Our sector of abundance and prosperity is activated by this eclipse, which means that six months from now, we will have met or surpassed many of our financial goals, Scorpio. Congratulations! But that only happens when you remember that wealth is inherently something that exists within us. So while today’s New Moon in Sag is supercharged with eclipse energy, you may want to take a breather from seeking external rewards, and remind yourself of the magic that you already are. The more you bask in your own abundance, the more prosperity freely and consistently flows into your life — and it multiplies too!! Now that you’ve made it through the final eclipse of the year, you’ve figured out a life hack that will forever change the game. Use these gifts accordingly, and watch your life transform into everything you’ve ever wanted it to be — or better.