The Moon shifts into Scorpio today, and we’ll notice that we start to receive more attention at work, at home, and in our closest connections. With the Sun currently in Sag and Venus also in our sign, our more impulsive, somewhat dangerous side may emerge as we head into the weekend, and you may find yourself wanting to do something reckless or out of the blue. Perhaps you’ll let your crush know how much you like them, or you’ll stand up to authorities who may be trying to use their power to control you. Whatever you do, make sure you’re not letting your ego or pride take the lead, but that you’re feeling a full-body “yes!” when making the decision. Sag Season encourages you to play with fire, as long as you remember that you have the power to extinguish the flames before they get out of hand. Do what feels right to you today, even if it makes no sense to others.