A part of you may be tired of all the emotions that have been coming up for you recently, Scorpio. As a Water Sign, you’re already emotional as it is, but this eclipse energy is supercharging you with sensitivity, and at times it may feel overwhelming. At the same time, with today’s Full Moon in Gemini, you’re understanding why your emotions are fertile soil for your soul. Even if you spend the first part of the day crying and releasing burdensome thoughts, you’ll feel quite fulfilled and more in tune with what you want by the time you go to sleep tonight. Gemini energy is when you’re crying one minute and laughing your butt off the next, and you may find yourself in that type of mood today. You’ll look at your life dramatically, and also in the spirit of hilariousness. It’s by both taking yourself seriously and also not taking anything seriously that you’ll realize that life’s just an experience we’re all making up as we go. And of all the signs, you were born a Scorpio, with the ability to see and experience life with greater depth than any other sign of the zodiac. That’s magical AF, and it should be honored. With today’s full moon, do whatever you must to honor yourself and that fact that you’re alive right now, feeling all the feels.