Relationships take center stage for you today, Scorpio, as the Moon in Taurus activates your partnership sector. You may be in the mood to spend all day cuddling, kissing, making love, making great food, listening to wonderful music, or creating your own work of art. You’ll intuitively know the people that you want to spend more time around, and you’ll also know the ones that you need to take a break from, even if you love them. Just avoid tactics such as giving people the silent treatment or pretending you don’t see them, even if you do. You can set and maintain boundaries in a healthy way — that’s the best way to ensure that people respect yours in a healthy way as well. As we approach the lunar eclipse in Gemini, you’re working on releasing scarcity-based mindsets that may make you believe people will never fully see, love, or accept you for who you are. The Universe is about to show you just how much the right people are here for you, if you dare to believe it can be true.