Ceres, the asteroid that represents how we care for ourselves, spends its final day in Taurus on Feb 7th. When Ceres was in Taurus, many Scorpios were unpacking what they really needed from intimate relationships and romantic connections. Now that Ceres is shifting into Gemini on the 8th and activating Scorpio’s sector of merging and intimacy, we’ll find ourselves better able to vocalize what our needs are. We are freeing ourselves from self-sabotage in our connection with our own self, and with those who are ready to love and care for us. With the energy of the Aquarius New Moon still coursing through us, our mission as the week begins is to dare to believe in everything we’re ready to receive. Limiting beliefs may have permeated your mind last weekend, but now you’re being granted an opportunity to breathe new life in your intentions. Believe that you’re attracting even better than what you asked for.