Now that we’ve made it through the 2/22/2022 ascension portal, it’s essential that you stay hydrated, well-rested, and carve out plenty of time for indulging in periods of play and pleasure, Scorpio. The Moon shifts into Sagittarius on Wednesday, where it remains until Friday. These next two days will have you feeling focused on financial and emotional security. Make sure that your generosity isn’t leading you to over promise money, time, or resources to those you love, even if your intentions are pure. 2022 is your year of strengthening your own foundation before helping others, and at this point in time, you’d benefit from saying “no” to what’s beyond your current capacity, instead of trying to save everyone from their own problems. By doing so, you’re getting closer to the day where you’ll be so financially solid that it’s easy for you to help out whomever you’d like. Reflect on how you can cultivate more discipline and establish clearer boundaries.