How are you flowing after that energizing Aquarius New Moon, Scorpio? Welcome to the 2.2.2022 ascension portal — one of the most powerful days of the year for speaking and visualizing your strongest desires into existence! We’ve almost made it to the other side of Mercury Retrograde too — there’s so much to celebrate! It’s normal for you to still be feeling like you’re in limbo, because both Mercury and Venus Retrograde have shadow periods which encourage us to lay low and not jump into anything new, such as relationships or jobs, right away. But the New Moon energy is ideal for envisioning yourself six months from now, living the specific lifestyle that you’ve been dreaming of and wishing for. Saturn, the Planet of Responsibility, is also in Aquarius right now, activating Scorpio’s sector of roots and values. The intentions you set this week are extra potent and are likely to manifest in your life even sooner than 6 months. But if you’ve been holding on to grudges or resentment towards yourself or others, it will significantly slow down the manifestation process. Do what you can these next two days to drop the dead weight, even if you take it one breath at a time.